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The perfect pair of cycling pants

In cycling, it’s all about the perfect pair of trousers: Enjoy comfort in any weather

Cycling trousers are an important part of your cycling gear. Anyone who has ever spent a few hours in the saddle will be able to confirm this. In contrast to traditional jeans or elastic fitness trousers for the gym, cycling trousers are specially designed to meet the requirements of cyclists. The seat panel of cycling pants or shorts is often seamless and made from particularly robust fabric to eliminate chafing on long distances. Padded cycling shorts or trousers are also a good choice for all kinds of rides in order to further increase wearing and saddle comfort.

Cycling pants for mountain bikers

MTB clothes have to stand up to heavy abuse – especially when used by downhill riders. That’s why their bike pants should be built tough. Yet, you should not only wear abrasion-resistant trousers for extreme riding. On cross country or all-mountain tours, too, it is recommended to wear baggy bike shorts or MTB pants made from particularly durable material that ensures a long life of your cycling trousers, as falls, branches or spontaneous braking manoeuvres won’t ruin it. Triple stitched seams in the crotch provide more durability in the saddle.

While most MTB enthusiasts wear shorts in summer, they often combine them with leg warmers or go for a pair of thermal tights in winter. The advantage of loose-fitting MTB pants is that they can be perfectly combined with protectors. Some baggy cycling shorts already come with padded liner shorts. Otherwise, you can also combine your MTB shorts with traditional padded cycling undershorts. We stock a wide range of MTB trousers for summer and winter, for women and men, in any size and colour and from renowned brands like Troy Lee Designs, FOX, 100%, ION, ENDURA and POC. 

Cycling trousers for cycle touring and urban commuting 

Those who go on a cycling holiday with their bike or mostly cycle through the city don’t need durable downhill pants. Instead, other factors are important. Above all, it’s about comfort and bike friendliness. The trousers should be abrasion-resistant and suitable for wearing casually to make sure you can also have a break in a café. Our range includes various long and short trousers and knickers. So-called zip-off trousers are particularly popular among cycle tourers and travellers, as they offer the possibility to zip off the legs at the knees. This allows you to quickly turn long cycling trousers into cycling shorts. Our range also includes numerous touring trousers with wind- and waterproof or water-repellent properties, so that you don’t have to fear little rain showers. Discover our selection of women’s and men’s touring trousers by well-known brands like VAUDE, GONSO and Löffler.

Cycle tights for road cyclists  

Tight fitting cycle tights and knickers are not only appreciated by road cyclists, but they are also becoming increasingly popular among mountain bikers. Our range includes a large number of lycra tights – bib or waist, padded or unpadded. For riding in cold weather, it is recommended to wear long tights with a fleecy brushed lining and, if necessary, a protective windproof membrane. In summer on the contrary, pros usually go for breathable bib shorts with mesh straps and thin materials that prevent overheating. We stock cycling tights in every price range – for women and men. Ranging from brands like ROSE, assos, Shimano or GORE through to Craft – we offer the right pair of trousers for every road cyclist, whether newcomer or pro. 

What kind of chamois would you like?

Many cycling trousers have a padded liner. These are large foam or gel pads that are sewn into the trousers to promise high shock absorption and comfort on your bike tour. The shorts liners often have zones with different densities; a thicker padding underneath your sit bones allows for high vibration damping. Some manufacturers equip their chamois pads with ventilation channels and use particularly breathable materials to further increase comfort. Yet others add for example a windproof panel to the front part of the seat pad to protect you from wind. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between thicker or thinner pads for a comfortable bike tour.

Bib or waist?  

Tights, bib tights, cycling shorts, bib shorts… The choice of cycling trousers is huge. A decisive factor for choosing the right pair of cycling tights is the question whether you would like to have shoulder straps or not. Waist tights may slip a bit and do not offer protection for your kidneys. Bib tights or bib shorts on the contrary will even fit tight around your body on aggressive lines. Besides, they keep your kidneys warm. Yet, bathroom breaks can be a bit of a hassle when wearing tights with braces. That’s why some manufacturers came up with e.g. women’s bib tights with a zip above the waist or a neck holder and men’s bib tights with a front zip to allow for easy breaks without having to take off your jacket or jersey.

Which features should cycling trousers have? 

When you often ride after dark or in winter, you should make sure your cycling trousers have sufficient reflective graphics. This helps you increase your visibility in road traffic. It’s important that there are reflective elements on the front, back and sides of your trousers to ensure 360° visibility.

Some cycling shorts and tights come with an elastic stretch panel on the lower back that follows your movements and thus allows for high freedom of movement.

Silicone grippers hold your cycling tights firmly in place. They can often be found around the leg opening (or on the rear waistband of cycling shorts) and make sure the tights stay in place by stopping the legs from riding up.

Pockets are particularly important for cycle tourers and mountain bikers. Make sure the pockets are zipped, so that you won’t lose your keys, smartphone or map while riding.

Protection from the elements – Cycling trousers with membrane, softshell or surface finish

In changeable weather, it is recommended to wear a pair of windproof, waterproof or water-repellent cycling trousers. There is a wide range of wind- and waterproof trousers to choose from, so here’s an overview of the differences:

In cold weather, many cyclists choose cycling trousers with a windproof membrane on the thighs. This is a weather-resistant plastic layer bonded to the face fabric and the inner lining. Thanks to its microporous structure, a membrane keeps rain drops outside while allowing water vapour to pass through. The major membranes are e.g. GORE WINDSTOPPER by GORE, Ventair by Craft or Windproof by VAUDE. A windproof membrane keeps away cold wind and thus protects sensitive body areas like thighs, kidneys and genitals from wind chill.

When the road or trail is still wet or it’s mizzling, it is recommended to wear cycling trousers with a water-repellent surface finish. This is a coating or a treatment with nanotechnology that makes water roll off the surface. This prevents moisture from penetrating into the fabric and keeps your cycling trousers dry. Yet, such a water-repellent finish is only suited for small amounts of moisture. It won’t necessarily keep you dry in a rain shower. Thus, it is the perfect choice to protect from spray and light rain.

On rainy days, most cyclists wear cycling clothes with a waterproof membrane. Thanks to its structure, the integrated membrane keeps rain drops outside – so that you will stay dry. At the same time though, it allows water vapour to escape. Thus, the cycling trousers are both waterproof and breathable. A decisive advantages in changeable weather! Well-known waterproof membranes are for instance GORE-TEX by GORE or CEPLEX by VAUDE.

Another popular material for cycling trousers is softshell which is usually windproof, water-repellent, warm and very elastic. Thus, it offers light protection from the elements, high freedom of movement and pleasant warmth. Just the right combination for sports and everyday use!

Discover our range of practical women’s and men’s trousers. You can choose between MTB pants for your next tour or the coming cycling holidays cycling tights for road cyclists and waterproof trousers for sport and daily commutes. You will surely find the perfect fit, the right chamois, as well as your desired size, colour, brand or price class. The most popular brands are VAUDE, Craft and GONSO. Have a look around!