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Urban Lifestyle Shoes – Shoes for City Cycling, Commuting and Everyday Life

You don’t need high-end cycling shoes with carbon sole for daily commutes. That’s why we offer you a range of versatile, casual cycling shoes for both flat pedals and system pedals.

Above all, urban cycling shoes are inconspicuous. Their casual sneaker look makes it hard to recognise them as cycling shoes. Thus, you can wear them in the office, school or university or when making a detour to a café. This makes them extremely versatile.

However, the advantage of city cycling shoes is that they are specifically designed for cycling. Most lifestyle cycling shoes in our range are flat pedal shoes for use in combination with traditional platform pedals or MTB pedals with metal pins. Thanks to a special rubber compound, the sole offers more grip on the pedals than normal sneakers would do. Especially the STEALTH soles by FIVE TEN and the TERREX soles by ADIDAS are known for their anti-slip rubber compounds that guarantee high grip on slippery grounds and wet pedals.

Yet, we also stock urban cycling shoeswith cleat mounts for use in combination with clipless pedals. Two parallel metal holes on the sole make the shoes compatible with cleats and MTB pedals. This especially proves advantageous for cyclists who want to cover long distances and efficiently cycle through urban traffic.

In contrast to traditional cycling shoes, the soles of urban bike shoes are softer. Ultra-stiff carbon soles of high-end cycling shoes make it hard to walk longer sections – this is where urban cycling shoes show their strengths. They feature a softer rubber sole that also feels comfortable when walking and follows all your movements.

Urban cycling shoes combine the best of both worlds. High versatility for best grip on the pedal and high comfort when walking.

Discover our range of urban bike shoes for women and men, flat pedals and clipless pedals, in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by renowned brands like FIVE TEN, adidas, CHROME, ION and more.