CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback Seatpost Leaf Spring

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CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback Seatpost Leaf Spring


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With the innovative CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback seatpost from ERGON, you can ride comfortably and enjoy a genuine road bike feel, even on rough surfaces. And all this with perfect aesthetics and very low weight. The carbon leaf spring seatpost has a 25 mm offset and combines a slim, maintenance-free mechanism with a highly sensitive response. The design works together with the floating pivot Flip Head to secure the angle of the saddle angle during compression and ensure an even, round movement for optimum performance.
Compared to conventional suspension seatposts, the parallel leaf spring concept of this two-piece VCLS seatpost has an optimum physical interaction between the direction of impact and the direction of compression, as they lie on the same rail. This allows for a defined flex of up to 20 mm. For an optimal fit on the bike, the saddle position can be fine-tuned by turning the Flip Head so that you sit perfectly. With the CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback seat post by ERGON you get the maximum comfort and performance out of your time in the saddle.

• Lightweight suspension seatpost in modern design
• Intended use: Road, Allroad, Gravel
• Extra comfort noticeable even on rough terrain
• Defined flex due to two VCLS leaf springs made of CFRP
• Curved travel in the direction of force application
• Sensitive feedback
• Parallel construction with double bearing head piece
• Maintenance-free and durable
• Flip head prevents change of saddle tilt during compression
• Extended clamping range by turning the asymmetric flip head

Technical details:
• Material: carbon fibre composite
• Seatpost Ø: 27.2 mm
• Length: approx. 345 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 g
• Insertion depth: 110 mm (min.), 210 mm (max.)
• Travel: up to 20 mm
• Offset (setback): 25 mm
• Offset flip head clamping range: 12 mm
• Saddle clamp: 7 x 7 patent (standard)
• Max. rider’s weight: 120 kg

In the box:
• 1 ERGON CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback leaf spring seat post

Not suitable for oval carbon saddle rails (7 x 9 mm).

Material: aluminium:
Material: carbon:
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CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback Seatpost Leaf Spring

Möchte nicht mehr ohne fahren, auch wenn der Preis recht ordentlich ist. Danke für die schnelle Lieferung, obwohl die Verfügbarkeit erst mit drei Wochen angegeben war.