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Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch
Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch

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Train brilliantly – with the Forerunner® 965 by GARMIN.
The Forerunner 965 marks a new generation of GARMIN running and triathlon watches: Equipped with a colourful, crystal clear 1.4" Amoled display, the watch can be used with touch or buttons. It combines smartwatch qualities with GARMIN's typical competition DNA and thus proves brilliance on all levels – in sports as well as in daily life. For this purpose, GARMIN has equipped the Forerunner 965 with a powerful rechargeable battery that powers the crisp and bright display for up to 23 days or provides a whopping 31 hours of GPS tracking time. Despite its convenient display size, the lightweight sports watch remains so comfortable to wear that it accompanies you every step of the way and also records nightly recovery phases to assess your performance status.

This is where the concentrated know-how and the sophisticated sensor technology that are in the Forerunner 965 become apparent: Extensive physiological measurements help you to control your training efficiently. For example, the new measurement values for the acute-chronic training load ratio can help you assess your long-term training development in order to avoid overloading. Get ready for your next race with Garmin Coach, personalised training plans and more. During the race, the Stamina feature helps you to accurately assess your reserves – including anaerobic load peaks during sprint intervals. Thanks to the Running Power function, you can even completely dispense with external running sensors for watt measurement.
More than 45 pre-installed sports apps, including running, cycling, open water swimming or triathlon, make the Forerunner 965 a professional multisport watch that provides precise readings for every activity thanks to multi-frequency GPS. The pre-installed, detailed map material gives you confidence in the reliability of your GPS signal, even in remote areas.

And when you’re using it in daily life, you'll especially love the crisp display with its fluid touch operation. Intuitively navigate through the extensive setting options and get even faster access to messages from friends, the weather forecast or other useful smart functions such as GARMIN Pay or GARMIN Music. So you can make contactless payments on the go or control your music from your wrist. This means that you can leave your smartphone in the pocket more and more often and, thanks to offline playlists, can even leave it at home altogether. The sporty, modern design of the Forerunner 965 will make you look good wherever you go – the two-tone wristbands and the elegant titanium bezel combined with the brilliant display make it a real eye-catcher. It's almost a shame that your opponents will only see it from behind.


• TRAINING READINESS: Training readiness combines your acute training load with other health data such as recovery, sleep or stress and individually classifies your readiness for the next training session.
• COLOUR MAPS: Whether on city streets or trails in the forest – with the integrated colour maps on the Forerunner 965, you'll always stay on the right track.
• TRIATHLON- AND MULTISPORT APPS: Switch to the next sport at the touch of a button. Integrated sports apps for triathlon, duathlon, dual training and SwimRun make it possible. Alternatively, create your own multisport profile.
• COMPETITION CALENDAR: Be prepared for your next competition! Add upcoming running or cycling events to your Garmin Connect calendar. The daily training recommendations adapt to take into account the competition. Based on the distance, your fitness and more, the app estimates your target time.
• DAILY TRAINING RECOMMENDATIONS: Receive individually created training plans. After each run, the data is adjusted to your performance and recovery, as well as to races that are coming up according to your Garmin Connect™ calendar.
• TRAINING CONDITION: With indicators like HRV status (heart rate variability), training log and power, you get insights into your overall effort. That way you know whether you are building up your form during training, are in top form or are tired.

Plan your training!

• MORNING REPORT: Get an overview of your sleep and training recommendations first thing in the morning, along with HRV status and weather information. You can even customise the report to fit your needs.
• NAVIGATION FUNCTIONS: In the Garmin Connect app, you can create routes, search for existing routes or sync routes from your favourite third-party platforms and get turn-by-turn directions.
• ROUND-TRIP ROUTING: Enter the desired distance and receive route suggestions for circular tours. You can even use TrendLine™ to find the best routes locally.
• RECHARGE TIME: Find out how long you should rest before your next intense workout. The decisive factor is your last training.
• SLEEP ANALYSIS WITH SLEEP SCORE: Find out how well your body is recovering and get information on sleep stages as well as detailed insights on how to optimise sleep quality.
• BODY BATTERY™*: Measure your body’s energy levels so that you know the best times for you to be active or to recover.
• HFV STATUS: Record your heart rate variability during sleep and get exciting insights into health, recovery and fitness thanks to a daily and 7-day average.
• MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKING: Track and store information about your menstrual cycle or pregnancy for training and nutrition information.
• GARMIN COACH: Start an interactive workout and get free adaptive 5K, 10K and half marathon training plans from expert coaches.
• RACE TIME ESTIMATE: Get information about your potential pace for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon.

Prepare yourself!

• RUNNING EFFICIENCY DATA ON THE WRIST: Your Forerunner measures important running efficiency data such as stride rate, stride length, ground contact time and more.
• HEART RATE MEASUREMENT*: Your heart rate is recorded regularly and helps you assess how hard you are training during activities.
• ACUTE LOAD: Compare your recent training load with the optimal range to improve your fitness.
• LOAD RATIO: Track the short-term and medium-term load ratio. This keeps your training load within a range that promotes your health and avoids setbacks.
• TRAINING EFFECT: Find out how your training sessions effect your stamina, speed, and performance.
• PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Get pace and heart rate analysis while running. This gives you a real-time assessment of your current performance.
• VO2 MAX: See your current fitness level and track long-term changes to set goals, evaluate your progress and more.
• STRESS LEVEL MEASUREMENT: Find out what kind of day you are having: a calm day, a balanced day or a busy day.
• HEALTH SNAPSHOT™: Complete a 2-minute session to record important health statistics, then create a report to share with your doctor.
• PULSE OX SENSOR**: Check your blood oxygen level to assess acclimatisation to altitude or to detect breathing difficulties during sleep.
• WORKOUTS: Forerunner 965 comes pre-loaded with free HIIT, strength, cardio, yoga and Pilates workouts to add variety to your workouts.

Measure your performance!

• RUNNING POWER ON THE WRIST: Look at how much power you're putting on the trail or the road. This way you can regulate your effort and train even more optimally.
• SATIQ™ TECHNOLOGY AND MULTI-FREQUENCY RECEPTION: Get highly accurate track recording and optimised battery life.
• PACEPRO™: Plan your race day strategy with GPS-based pace information for a specific course or distance.
• TRACK TRAINING: Record accurate lap distances and show distances in metres.
• CLIMBPRO: Get real-time information on current and next climbs.
• REAL-TIME STAMINA: This endurance function tracks your performance and shows you the energy you have available during your physical activity. This way you can avoid premature exhaustion.
• UP AHEAD: Get clear information about points of interest along the route, including refreshment stops.
• INTEGRATED SPORTS APPS: Take advantage of more than 45 built-in activities, including cycling, open water swimming, strength training and more.

Stay connected!

• MUSIC AT THE WRIST: Download songs and playlists from your Spotify or Deezer account to listen to music without a smartphone.
• SECURITY AND TRACKING***: If you don't feel safe or your smartwatch has detected an accident, a message with your live position is sent to emergency contacts.
• GARMIN PAY™: Pay with just the flick of a wrist – no wallet required. For information on participating banks, visit garmin.com/garminpay/banks.
• SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Get emails, messages and more on your Forerunner when paired with an iPhone® or Android™ smartphone.
• LIVETRACK***: Friends and family can follow your real-time location and view previously planned routes.
• GARMIN CONNECT APP: View your health and fitness information, connect with friends and more. All in the free Connect app and without any subscription.
• CONNECT IQ™ STORE: Load display themes, data fields and apps onto your paired Forerunner.

* Fitness tracker accuracy information at garmin.com/atdisclaimer.
** Not a medical device for diagnosis or treatment. For more information, visit garmin.com/ataccuracy.
*** Requirements and restrictions for safety and tracking features are available at Garmin.com/safety.

Watch features:
• Time/date
• GPS time sync
• Automatic daylight saving time
• Alarm clock
• Timer
• Stop watch
• Sunrise/sunset times

Health monitoring:
• Wrist-based heart rate (constant - every second)
• Daily resting heart rate
• Abnormal heart rate alerts (high and low)
• Respiration rate (24x7)
• PULSE OX blood oxygen saturation (spot-check and optional all-day acclimatisation and during sleep)
• Fitness age (in app)
• Body Battery™ energy monitor
• All-day stress tracking
• Relaxation reminders
• Relaxation breathing timer (breathing exercises)
• Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)
• Advanced sleep monitoring (sleep score & insights)
• Hydration (in Garmin Connect™ and optionally in the Connect IQ™ widget)
• Menstruation cycle (in Garmin Connect™ and optionally in the Connect IQ™ widget)
• Health Snapshot™

• Galileo
• Multi-frequency position finding
• SatIQ™ technology
• Heart rate measurement on the wrist (Garmin Elevate™ technology)
• Barometric altimeter
• Compass
• Gyroscope
• Accelerometer
• Thermometer
• Pulse Ox

Daily smart functions (partially requires smartphone connection):
• Smart Notifications
• Text response / reject phone call with text (Android™ only)
• Calendar
• Weather
• Real-time setting synchronisation with GARMIN Connect™ Mobile
• Energy saving mode: Customisable energy-saving clock mode
• Music features (smartphone control)
• Plays music
• Internal music memory
• Find my Phone feature
• Virb® remote control
• Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android™
• Compatible with Garmin Golf App
• Compatible with Garmin Connect™ Mobile
• Stocks tracker (optional Connect-IQ app)
• Garmin Pay™ (more information as well as participating banks at www.garmin.com/en-GB/garminpay/banks/ )

Safety and tracking features (requires connection with smartphone):
• Livetrack
• Spectator news messaging
• Group Livetrack
• Live Event enabling (only Android™)
• Incident detection during select activities
• Accident notification on the smartphone with wearables
• Emergency assistance

Tactile functions:
• Dual-grid coordination

Activity tracking features:
• Step counter
• Move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset)
• Auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal)
• Calories burned
• Floors climbed
• Distance travelled
• Intensity minutes
• TrueUp™ (switch between compatible devices and sync activity data)
• Move IQ™ (automatic activity detection)
• GARMIN Connect challenges (optional Connect IQ app)

Training, planning and analysis features:
• Heart-rate zones
• Heart-rate alerts
• Heart-rate calories
• % HR Max
• % HFR (percent of your heart rate reserves (maximum heart rate minus resting heart rate))
• Recharge time
• Automatic maximum heart rate
• Morning report
• Competition overview/widget
• HFV status
• Training readiness
• Heart rate transmission (sends heart rate data over ANT+™ to paired devices)
• Respiration rate during exercise (with compatible accessories)
• GPS speed and distance
• Customisable screens
• Customisable activity profiles
• Auto Pause®
• Interval training
• Optimised intervals (including open repetitions, interval data page, recovery page and automatic detection)
• Advanced workouts
• Downloadable training plans
• HRM running pace and distance
• Auto Lap®
• Manual lap
• Recovery timer
• Adjustable lap alarm
• Heat and high acclimatisation
• VO2 Max
• VO2 Max trail running
• Stamina data in real time
• Training status (so you know whether you’re training effectively; includes further training history like VO2Max and the anaerobic threshold, which are compared to current data)
• Training load (combined heart rate and VO2Max data over the last 28 days, so you always train in your optimal zone)
• Training load focus
• Training effects (aerobic and anaerobic)
• Training effect labels (primary use)
• Optimised recovery time
• Daily training suggestions (7 days)
• Adjustable alerts
• Audio prompts (optional, when connected to a compatible smartphone)
• End time
• Virtual Partner (compete against a virtual person)
• Virtual Racer™ (compete against other activities)
• Automatic multi-sport activities
• Manual multi-sport activities
• Route guidance
• Garmin Live segments
• STRAVA functions (beacon, live segments)
• Roundtrip routing (running, cycling)
• Trendline™ routing according to popularity
• Keylock
• Hotkeys
• Auto Scroll
• Activity history on the watch
• Physio TrueUp™ (switch between compatible devices and sync training data)

Running features:
• Available run profiles: running, track, treadmill training, running on an indoor track, trail running, virtual running training, Ultra Run
• GPS-based distance, time and pace
• Running efficiency
• Vertical movement and vertical ratio (the upward and downward movement of your running motion and the effort-benefit ratio of your stride length).
• Ground contact time and balance (meaning the time between your foot touching the ground and it leaving the ground again and helps you run more symmetrically, requires compatible accessories)
• Step length (real time)
• Running cadence (number of steps per minute)
• Grade-adjusted pace (pace adjusted for altitude)
• Performance status (compares after 6 to 20 minutes of running your current performance to your average fitness level)
• Lactate threshold (determined by analysing your pace and heart rate , the point at which your muscles start tiring more easily, requires compatible accessories)
• PacePro™ strategies
• Run workouts
• Auto climb for trail running
• Runtime estimate
• Route and weather-specific run forecast
• Running sensor compatible
• Run/Walk/Stand detection

Cycling features:
• Available cycling profiles: cycling, indoor cycling, mountain biking, e-bike riding, e-mountain bike riding, cyclocross, road bike, off-road bike, commuting by bike, bike tour
• Compatible with cadence and speed sensors
• Time or distance alerts (when you reach a value you set, you get an alert)
• Routes (race against previous activities)
• Bicycle map (routable map for bike riding)
• Power Guide
• MTB Grit and Flow (comparative values for the trail difficulty and how smoothly you descend)
• Laps and maximum lap power (with compatible power meter)
• Compete against activities
• Functional threshold power (FTP) (with compatible accessories)
• Power curve and training with % FTP
• Vector™ compatible (advanced vector support)
• Compatible with ANT+ power meters from third-party providers
• Advanced Cycling Dynamics
• Varia™ compatible (Varia Vision™, Varia™ radar, Varia™ bike lights)
• Smart trainer operation

Swimming features:
• Available swim profiles: Indoor pool swimming, open water swimming, swim runs
• Open water swim metrics (distance, pace, stroke count, swim efficiency (SWOLF), calories burned)
• Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count, swim efficiency (SWOLF), calories burned)
• Stroke type detection (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
• Practice logging
• Basic rest timer (up from 0)
• Recharge timer with “repeat on”
• Auto recharge
• Time and distance alerts
• Pace alert (only for pool swimming)
• Countdown start
• Swim training
• Critical swimming speed
• Underwater wrist-based heart rate measurement
• Heart rate (real time data and statistics for intervals and sessions during resting phases, automatic download of heart rate data after swimming - requires optional HRM-Pro™, HRM-Swim™ or HRM-Pro Plus™ heart rate chest strap)

Gym and fitness equipment:
• Available gym activity profiles: strength, HIIT, cardio and cross-trainer training, stepper, stair climbing, rowing machine, yoga, Pilates, breathing exercises, indoor climbing, bouldering
• Cardio workouts
• Strength workouts
• Yoga workouts
• Pilates workouts
• On-screen workout animations
• Automatic rep counting
• On-Screen workout muscle map

Outdoor features:
• Available outdoor recreation profiles: hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country freestyle, stand-up paddle, rowing ski tours, splitboard tour, kayaking, snowshoeing, maps, navigation, tennis, pickleball, canoeing, tracker, waypoint projection, disc golf
• Point to point navigation
• Real-time track logging:
• Back to start (shortest stretch back to the starting point)
• TracBack® (along the route so far and the route back to the starting point)
• UltraTrack mode
• AroundMe mode
• POIs along the route
• Nextfork™ navigation
• Altitude graph
• Distance to goal
• Barometric trends indicator
• ClimbPro™ ascent planner
• Vertical speed
• Total ascent/descent
• Rest timer (UltraRuns only)
• Upcoming elevation profiles
• Pre-installed topographic maps
• Pre-installed road and trail maps
• Supports downloadable maps
• GPS coordinates
• Sight and go
• Area calculation (over Connect IQ™)
• Hunting and fishing calendar (over Connect IQ™)
• Solar and lunar calendar (over Connect IQ™)
• Xero™ locations

Golfing features:
• Information on approx. 42,000 golf courses worldwide downloadable from phone
• Yardage to front, middle and back of green
• Yardage to layups/doglegs
• Shot distance measurement (calculates the exact distance for shots played on the course)
• Digital scorecard
• Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit)
• Garmin AutoShot™ (measures the shot distance and records shots automatically so that you can analyse them in your Garmin Connect™ account afterwards)
• Automatic Courseview updates
• Green view with manual pin position
• Hazards and course targets
• PinPointer
• Handicap scoring
• Round timer/odometer
• Usable at tournaments

Garmin Connect™ features:
• Synchronisation (transmission of training units) via Bluetooth Smart via smartphone or via cable with your PC/Mac
• Save, analyse, plan and share activities in social networks
• Live Tracking feature: show your friends or family your position in real time
• Grouptrack: track current position of your group members during your activity
• Upload training data
• Training plans:
• Map view
• Daily overview
• Diagram overviews
• Online challenges
• Comment the activities of other users

Smartphone compatibility of Garmin Connect™ app (system requirements): http://www.garmin.com/en-GB/ble

Garmin Connect IQ™ features:
• Create individual display designs, integration of smartphone photos as display background
• Download apps and widgets for additional features
• Customise data fields

Technical details:
• Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors
• Interfaces: ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, WLAN
• Integrated accelerometer
• Electronic 3-axis compass with auto calibration
• Gyroscope
• Barometric altimeter
• Thermometer
• Ambient light sensor
• Pulse oximeter
• Lithium-ion battery
• Display size: 1.4" (35.4 mm)
• AMOLED colour display (optional always-on display)
• Resolution: 454 × 454 pixel
• Operable touch screen and five buttons
• Waterproof rating: swimming, 5 ATM (corresponds to a test pressure approx. 50 metres under water)
• Lens material: Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX
• Material bezel: titanium
• Case material: fibre-reinforced polymer
• Dimensions: approx. 47.1 × 47.1 × 13.2 mm
• Strap material: silicone (22 mm wide; quick release system; for a wrist circumference of 135 to 205 mm)
• Memory/History: 32 GB
• Weight: approx. 53 g

Battery life:
• Smartwatch mode: up to 23 days
• UltraTrac™ mode (reduces GPS tracking points): up to 34 hours
• GPS mode: up to 31 hours
• SatIQ GNSS mode (auto select): up to 22 hrs.
• GNSS mode with all systems + multiband: up to 19 hrs.
• GPS mode + music: up to 10.5 hours
• SatIQ GNSS mode + music: up to 9.5 hrs.
• GNSS mode with all systems + multiband + music: up to 8.5 hrs.

In the box:
• 1 GARMIN Forerunner 965 GPS Multisport Watch
• 1 USB power supply/charger (USB unit NOT included)
• 1 quick start manual

Optional accessories:
• GARMIN ANT+ HRM Dual™ heart rate chest strap (prod. code 2286881)
• GARMIN HRM Pro™ heart rate chest strap (prod. code 2308908)
• GARMIN HRM Dual™ heart rate chest strap (prod. code: 2286881)
• GARMIN speed and cadence sensor 2 (prod. code: 2290558)
• GARMIN Rally™ XC200 dual-sensing pedal watt measuring system for SHIMANO SPD (prod. code 2314171)
• GARMIN Rally™ XC100 single-sensing pedal watt measuring system for SHIMANO SPD (prod. code 2314169)
• GARMIN Rally™ RS200 dual-sensing pedal watt measuring system for SHIMANO SPD-SL (prod. code 2314168)
• GARMIN Rally™ RS100 single-sensing pedal watt measuring system for SHIMANO SPD-SL (prod. code 2314167)
• GARMIN Rally™ RK200 dual-sensing pedal watt measuring system for LOOK KéO (prod. code 2314165)
• GARMIN Rally™ RK100 single-sensing pedal watt measuring system for LOOK KéO (prod. code 2314164)
• GARMIN Varia™ RTL516 Radar with Rear Light (prod. code 2303599)
• GARMIN Varia™ RVR315 Radar (prod. code 2303600)

Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Cycling features:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
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Forerunner 965 Multisport GPS Watch

Ich bin von der Uhr begeistert!

Das Menü ist gut aufgebaut, die Uhr läuft flüssig, sowohl per Touchscreen, als auch mit den Hotkeys. Synchronisation war easy.

Die Aufzeichnungen meiner Trainings ist tadellos. Bereits am dritten Tag konnte die Uhr meinen Trainingszustand realistisch einschätzen und schlägt mir gute Trainings vor.

Akkulaufzeit bei täglicher Nutzung von GPS und Musikapp trotzdem mehrere Tage.

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