Urban Bike Buying Guide

What is an urban bike?

A modified city bike for people who like minimalist, elegant designs. 

commuter bike or urban bike is the right choice to cycle through the hustle and bustle of the city. A commute is the daily journey that you make when you commute to work. So a commuter bike comes with special ride characteristics and a very low weight, which proves advantageous when it comes to the handling (e.g. the transport into the flat or entrance hall) and general feel of the bike.

The frame of an urban bike usually consists of slim tubes for an elegant look. The bike's outstanding manoeuvrability and sprightliness let you easily navigate tight corners and narrow paths and help you quickly get up to your desired speed. The equipment is kept minimalistic for low maintenance and a stylish look. Easy-to-use gears and smooth brakes increase your safety in road traffic and let you enjoy your ride, even when the roads are crowded. 

Commuting made easy

Whether you want to commute to work, go to the supermarket or get together with friends: An urban bike is the fastest way to get anywhere in your city. The easy and agile handling offers you a pleasant ride both in the city or on leisure tours. Thanks to complete roadworthy equipment including bell, lights and mudguards, your urban bike can be used in any weather and at any time of day. A luggage rack makes it easy for you to transport spontaneous purchases and other luggage for your daily use.  

The perfect riding position

The proper body position on an urban bike depends on many different factors. Your personal feeling is just as important as your body measurements and the bike’s adjustability. The optimal riding posture is essential for a relaxed ride. We show you what you should pay attention to when fitting your urban bike, so you can use your bike for commuting or touring without any problems or pain.  

First, measure your legs from the inside of your crotch, taking your inseam or inside leg measurement. This will also help you find the perfect frame size and proper saddle height. You also need your inside leg length to determine the proper saddle height and thus ensure optimal power transfer to the pedals. Here’s the formula:

Saddle height = Inseam measurement x 0.885 (cm) 

To find the right size frame for your body height, you can use the information in our size chart.  

When adjusting your saddle (A) for the first time, make sure it is in a horizontal position. After a first test ride, you can adjust the saddle angle according to your needs. If you have followed the instructions above, you can now sit on your bike and place one foot on the pedal (B). The crank (C) should be horizontal and point forward. Align the ball of your foot with the pedal axle (D) to get into the right position. Hang a plumb line from the side of your knee to see the position of your knee relative to the pedal axle. The saddle can be moved forwards or backwards in the clamp (E) if the knee is not exactly over the pedal axle.

Safety tips

The optimal equipment of your urban bike lets you ride safely in traffic. Apart from proper safety accessories such as powerful lights, extremely good manoeuvrability of the bike allows for a safe ride through the city. Thanks to the adequate technology for easy and fast shifting as well as two independently functioning brakes, you can react quickly as you ride. At any time of the day and night, you should also wear reflective clothing and protective headwear.  

Anti-theft protection

There are countless solutions and bike locks to protect your bike from theft. There are also smart gadgets available that allow you to locate your bike with an app or inform you in the event of theft. In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality locks as well as an extra buying guide. This way you are sure to find the right lock for your bike. 


Make your urban bike smart

To make spontaneous shopping trips or bike tours with your urban bike as convenient as possible, you can equip it with these little accessories:  

4 good reasons to get a ROSE urban bike

  • Modern design

    Thanks to the minimalist design of our urban bike, you'll be the eye-catcher on every street.

  • All in one

    In the ROSE shop you will find everything you need for your next bike tour.

  • All-rounder

    All you need for city cycling and everyday life – StVZO-compliant for your daily commutes.

  • Built in Bocholt, Germany

    ROSE designs, develops, and assembles your bike by hand in Bocholt, Germany.

Urban bikes have become indispensable for city cyclists and commuters. With an urban bike by ROSE you are well prepared for short distance cycling or bike tours. ROSE Bikes offers you a diverse selection of Bikes, clothing, parts and accessories, all in one shop, whether from your own home or on-site with personalised advice.