Karl's HOBO experience in the German Ruhr area

This is the story of unrestricted freedom. A life of social independence, completely uncompromising. The HOBO story is set in today's Ruhr region, in the Pott between Duisburg and Essen. Carried by the lightness and radical daydreaming, it dives into the life of a free spirit, into the story of Karl with his HOBO in the Ruhr area.

This is Karl.

A middle-aged, uninhibited and cosmopolitan inhabitant of Berlin. Growing up in a caravan park, autonomy is a basic need for him. With his new HOBO, he immerses himself fully in the culture of the Ruhr region.

And this is his HOBO.

It does whatever he feels like doing.  It is robust enough for all his experiences. With plenty of space for all the things he needs on its journey and with tyres that carry him out of the city and into  nature.

And that's Karl and his HOBO in the Ruhr region.

At Duisburg Central Station briefly turning the world upside down and already deep in thought at Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain. Carried by lightness and radical daydreaming. With every kilometre he rides, he gains more ease. He is immediately captivated by Ruhr area’s honest and relaxed way of life.

Lots of green between steel and concrete.

Having travelled here with a certain expectation, the Ruhr region continues to impress him more and more: Buddy mentality with lots of corners and edges. But above all with plenty of greenery between the steel and concrete – stop off at Lake Baldeney in the south of Essen and treat yourself to a short break or simply do a round of gymnastics on the nearest meadow – the HOBO is up for it.

There is much to discover.

There are many highlights to discover in the Ruhr region. From historical, architectural and cultural to gastronomic highlights in the urban environment and great views in the countryside. Whether the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, a disused steelworks as a metropolitan oasis or the stockpile Schurenbachhalde, which looks like a lunar landscape. All within easy reach with the HOBO.

How the HOBO came into the Ruhr region.

In our search for bike destinations and new adventures on the bike, we found what we were looking for in the region. The Ruhr region, with its versatility between wilderness and urban concrete jungle, provided the perfect scene for the new HOBO steel bike.

Special thanks go to our co-operation partners Ruhr Tourismus GmbH, Essen Marketing and Duisburg Tourismus, who guided us through their home region.

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The new steel bike with many retrofitting options.

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