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9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch
9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch

Suunto 9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch

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Product code: 231802201

Colour granite blue titanium


The 9 Peak Titanium by Suunto with an elegant titanium bezel impressively demonstrates that a top-of-the-line multisport GPS watch with barometric altitude measurement also looks perfect on smaller wrists. For even less weight and high comfort. With the 9 Peak, the innovative Finns, who have a special sense for everyday aesthetics and ease of use, have developed the probably thinnest, smallest and most robust sports watch Suunto has ever made. The watch impresses with a typical Scandinavian, minimalist design with clear lines and is packed with features for more than 80 different sports. Besides, it offers diverse highlights the 9 Baro offers, too. In other words, it has almost everything an athlete’s heart could wish for... and more.

Inside the ultra-thin, 10 mm high housing of the 9 Peak Titanium with a diameter of only 43 millimetres you can find a barometric altimeter as well as an extremely energy-efficient GPS sensor. The “little sister” of the Suunto 9 Baro – which refers to the housing’s small size only – cannot only track your heart rate but also measure your blood oxygen at the wrist thanks to the built-in HR sensor by LIFEQ. This gives a good estimate of your heat and altitude performance acclimation. Three slim push buttons on the right side of the housing allow you to intuitively access the features and read them on the sharp, crystal-clear display. The watch will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to ambient light levels for optimal readability. To keep the software up-to-date for reliable performance and good control of all functions, automatic updates are downloaded directly to the watch when connected to the Suunto app.

Speaking of updates: The software package of the Suunto 9 Peak Titanium also includes some additional sports features from SuuntoPlus™, such as the “Virtual Ghost Runner” to set your pace during training or "Snap to Route" which provides more accurate tracking of your current running speed during runs on long planned routes in urban areas with difficult GPS conditions. No one wants their watch’s batteries to run out during a long training session or adventure. To avoid this, the Suunto 9 Peak GPS multisport watch was designed to match an athlete’s endurance, logging up to 170 hours of continuous training in Tour battery mode. In Tour mode with hourly GPS fix, you can now record your route for up to 7 days.

The Suunto 9 Peak Titanium is a multisport watch with a lightweight titanium bezel designed for ambitious athletes and adventurers with high expectations for their sports watch. The intelligent battery life management system and its smart reminders ensure that your smartwatch works for as long as you need it. The robust heart rate monitor watch with blood oxygen measurement is designed for long, challenging training, as well as competitions and extreme outdoor adventures.

Suunto provides you with regular software updates to make your smart watch even better. That's why you can now connect Suunto 9 Peak to your Komoot account, download routes to your watch, and let the turn-by-turn directions guide you safely to your destination. All outdoor activities you record with your Suunto 9 Peak are automatically synced with the Suunto App and Komoot, and as a Suunto user, two map regions in Komoot are included in your Suunto value pack.
In addition, saving POIs is now possible directly from the watch with the current software version. This way you can set relevant points on the way and navigate back to them at any time.

With the three pre-defined battery modes – Performance, Endurance, and Ultra – you can use GPS tracking for 25 to 170 hours. When you start to log an activity, the display shows approximately how long the battery will last in the current mode. If it won’t last long enough, you can change the mode at anytime.
The Suunto 9 Peak Titanium running watch will indicate when it needs to be charged, using a smart feature based on your activity history, so that you can fully charge it before the next trip. The watch recognizes when the charge is too low during training and automatically recommends switching to a different battery mode.

Since GPS connectivity requires a lot of power, the battery life often restricts precise distance and route tracking for ultra running. The exceptional Algorithm FusedTrack™ offers improved route and distance information by combining GPS and movement sensor data. This allows you to lengthen the battery life by reducing the GPS performance, without compromising on accuracy.

The Suunto 9 Peak Titanium multisport and outdoor watch was designed and built for the needs of professional athletes. It was rigorously tested by Suunto’s own testing team and by athletes around the world, both for everyday use and under the most extreme conditions – to go above and beyond its limits. Thereby proving that it can be your trustworthy companion on any adventure!

Connect the Suunto 9 Peak with the Suunto App to record your adventure and track your long-term trends, as well as daily activities and sleep. Communicate with others in the app community and share your greatest triumphs.
Stay up to date by pairing the watch with your smartphone to get smart alerts about incoming calls, messages, and notifications. The Suunto App is available for free through the App Store and Google Play.


• Integrated wrist-based heart rate and blood oxygen measurement
• Customizable clock faces
• Touchscreen lock (during exercise)
• Button lock (during exercise)
• Time
• Dual time (shows two time zones)
• Date
• Alarm (1 alarm can be configured)
• Stopwatch
• Countdown timer
• Automatic timekeeping
• Vibration alarm
• Metric and imperial units


Activity log:
• Step counter
• Calories burned
• Activity targets (steps, calories)
• Activity history
• Calories burned and heart rate during your daily activities
• Track daily minimum heart rate (resting)

Sleep monitoring:
• Deep sleep
• Time slept
• Average and lowest heart rate during sleep
• Sleep times
• Time spent awake
• Sleep quality

Stress and Recovery:
• Daily resource level
• Stress and recovery status


Heart rate functions:
• Heart rate measurement at wrist
• Compatible heart rate belts: Bluetooth Smart chest strap
• RR interval (heart rate variability (HRV) with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Heart rate in beats per minute
• Track heart rate while swimming (alternatively also with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Log recording rate: once per second
• Heart rate diagram in real time
• Average heart rate in real time
• Heart-rate-based calories burned
• Peak Training Effect
• Recharge time
• Personal heart rate zones
• Fitness level (VO2max)

Interval training:
• Interval setup
• Interval guidance during exercise

Speed and distance:
• Cadence-based speed and distance
• GPS speed and distance measurement
• Chrono
• Compatible with walking sensor (Foot POD support): Bluetooth Smart
• Auto laps
• Manual laps
• Analysis of pace, speed diagram and routes on the map

Training recovery:
• Training-based recovery time
• Recovery time daily view (on the watch)
• Record your condition after training on the watch

Training load:
• Log book with training details
• Training summary with lap details
• Training load with total per activity type
• Training protocol for long term overview


Swimming features:
• Track heart rate while swimming (alternatively also with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Speed and distance data for pool swimming
• Speed and distance data for open water swimming
• Swim time by pool length, lap, total
• Swim stroke rate, count and type
• Swim stroke efficiency (SWOLF)
• Automatic intervals
• Interval lap table

Cycling features:
• Speed while cycling
• Average speed in real time
• Speed and cadence sensor support: Bluetooth Smart
• Powermeter support: Bluetooth Smart
• Power in watts – real-time, average, and maximum (requires power sensor)
• Cycling laps and maximum lap power (requires power sensor)
• Real-time lap table with average heart rate, power, and speed
• Interval guidance with power/speed/heart rate (on the watch)

Running features:
• Running speed
• Suunto FusedSpeed™ (determines speed by combining GPS and accelerometers on the wrist)
• Running power with the Stryd sensor
• Foot POD calibration (running sensor): automatic
• Lap comparison
• Average and maximum lap pace in real-time
• Interval guidance with running speed / heart rate / distance (on the watch)
• Suunto FusedTrack™ – improved route and distance information by combining GPS and movement sensor data.
• Suunto Plus™ Ghost Runner – set a target pace for the Ghost Runner and show your distance during your run
• Snap to Route – accurate “Instant Pace” during runs on long planned routes in urban areas with difficult GPS conditions

Multisport features:
• Change sports mode during exercise
• Pre-configured multisport mode
• Post-exercise analysis by type of sport
• Multisport training summary (on the watch)

Sport modes:
• Adjustable sport modes and displays
• Graphical display in sport modes (heart rate, speed, and altitude)
• Available measurement parameters: >50 values on the watch
• Numerical display in sport modes (1-7 fields, lap table view)
• Pre-installed sports modes: >80
• Special sports modes (racing, interval, long training...)
• SuuntoPlus™ (continuously updated and expanded software features from Suunto, in cooperation with third-party providers such as STRAVA, TrainingPeaks, Wings for Life World Run, etc.)


GPS tracking and navigation:
• Satellite systems: GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian), GALILEO (European), QZSS (Japanese), BEIDOU (Chinese)
• Intelligent battery modes (Performance, Endurance, Ultra, Custom, Tour)
• GPS tracking between 25-170 hours (depending on battery mode)
• GPS recording rate: Excellent, Good, Ok, Low
• Waypoints and visual route navigation
• Turn-by-turn navigation for Komoot routes (account required)
• Zoom levels in the navigation
• Automatic zoom based on shape of route
• Real-time display of route
• Route planning with altitude profile
• Outdoor maps by satellite, terrain, and topography in web by Mapbox, Google Maps and Android
• Heat maps for browsing and navigation during training
• Route planning with heat maps
• Personal route library online (synchronised with the watch)
• Navigation with points of interest (POI)
• Estimated time of arrival (ETA)
• Remaining distance to goal
• GPS route analysis
• Save, display, and share tracking
• Bearing navigation

• Barometric altitude measurement
• GPS altitude measurement
• Combined GPS and barometric altitude (FusedAlti™)
• Actual altitude
• Total ascent/descent (during activity)
• Height and altitude performance acclimation based on blood oxygen
• Vertical speed (during activity)
• Automatic altimeter / barometer profile
• Log tracking rate: once per second
• Display accuracy: up to 1 m
• Operating temperature: -500 to +9999 m

• Digital compass
• Tilt compensation
• Declination correction
• Direction scale in degrees
• North indicator
• Accuracy: 5°
• Compass resolution: 1°

• Sunrise/sunset times
• Sea level air pressure
• Automatic altimeter / barometer profile
• Temperature (accuracy 1° C / 1.5° F)
• Temperature display range: -20 °C to +55 °C (-5 °F to +130 °F)
• Pressure display accuracy: up to 1 hPa
• Altitude graph in training summary
• Bad weather warning


• Interfaces: Bluetooth Smart (BLE):
• Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensor support (heart rate, speed, cadence, performance (powermeter), running sensor (running POD))
• Compatible with Suunto App (free in App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), please check system requirements)
• Phone notifications on the watch (smart notifications)
• Compatible with online sports communities (such as STRAVA, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo, etc.)
• Watch software updates over the cloud
• Smartphone compatibility: iOS (iPhone) and Android

• Bezel material: titanium grade 5
• Glass material: sapphire crystal
• Housing material: Titanium 5, fibreglass reinforced polyamide
• Armband material: silicone
• Armband width: 22 mm (for wrist circumference: 125-175 mm, additional wristband up to 215 mm)
• Display type: Matrix touch display in colour
• Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
• Backlight: LED
• Configurable backlight: automatic brightness
• Waterproof rating: 100 m (in accordance with ISO 6425)
• Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, HE
• Automatic over-the-air firmware updates
• Dimensions: approx. 43 x 43 x 10.6 mm
• Weight: approx. 52 g

• Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Battery charge indicator: percent / symbol
• Intelligent charge reminders
• Battery life in time mode: approx. 14 days
• Battery life with continuous logging and mobile notifications: approx. 7 days
• Battery life in training mode with GPS: approx. 25 hours (Performance mode) / approx. 50 hours (Endurance mode) / approx. 120 hours (Ultra mode) / approx. 170 hours (Tour mode)
• Recommended battery charging temperature range: 0 °C to +35 °C (+32 F to +95°F)
• Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +55 °C (-5 °F to +130 °F)
• Storage temperature range: -30 °C to +55 °C (-22 °F to +130 °F)

In the box:
• 1x Suunto 9 Peak Granite Blue Titanium Multisport GPS watch
• 1x USB charging cable

USB power supply/wall unit NOT included.

Optional accessories:
• Suunto Bike Sensor for speed, distance, and cadence measurement during cycling (prod. code 2311814)
• Suunto Smart heart rate chest strap (prod. code 2311815)
• Suunto Bike Mount (prod. code 2311826)

Compatible with ANT+:
Cycling features:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
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9 Peak Titanium Multisport GPS Watch

granite blue titanium
Sehr gute Uhr. Man findet sich schnell in das Bedienmenue ein. Hier gibt es zudem anschauliche Videos im Netz. Eine Schwäche ist die Höhenangabe. Die leider nicht immer genau anzeigt. Hier könnte Suunto nachbessern. Evtl. über genauere Höhenangaben aus den Geodaten. Aber man muss wissen: Will ich einen Porsche oder einen Mercedes, sprich Suunto oder Garmin bzw. einen anderen Hersteller. Das Design spricht halt auch an.