Direttissima Disc Brake Set Front + Rear Wheel

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Direttissima Disc Brake Set Front + Rear Wheel
Direttissima Disc Brake Set Front + Rear Wheel

Trickstuff Direttissima Disc Brake Set Front + Rear Wheel

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The list of requirements for the Direttissima could hardly have been more ambitious: Impressive braking power, excellent dosing, good stability and perfect haptics are what the Trickstuff developers had in mind for the four-piston brake. Plus durability that is second to none. But anyone who sets out to take over the legacy of the almost legendary CLEG must also deliver. And with the Direttissima, Trickstuff has certainly delivered. A brake that might be your last. And it shows what becomes possible when costs and efforts take a back seat to the result.

The name alone makes it clear what the Direttissima was developed for. Among mountaineers, the Italian term refers to the direct route to the summit – the steepest, most difficult, most dangerous path. So extremes are in the genes of the Direttissima. Enduro and Downhill riders will love the brutal braking power, for which Trickstuff has optimised the transmission ratio of the pistons as well as the lever kinematics. Smooth-running roller bearings in the lever and pump body ensure perfect modulation and zero play. The rigid, completely CNC-milled aluminium construction also has extremely low manufacturing tolerances – for a stable and clearly defined pressure point. So if your fingers aren’t tired even after the third descent, you'll know why.

Speaking of descents: It can't be long, steep and technical enough, if the Direttissima is anything to go by. Polished stainless steel pistons, extremely temperature-stable Bionol brake fluid (vegetable oil, mind you - did we say extreme again?) and organic Power+ brake pads with nickel-plated backing plate will quickly make you forget the fear of fading – even if you're on the road with an e-bike or bring along heavy gear. But anyone might think the DRT would therefore be a heavyweight in its own right is very much mistaken. A mere 250 grams per brake is practically record-breaking for a four-piston stopper. And since the Direttissima is "Made in Germany" and looks great too, there is really hardly a reason not to make the investment...


• MODULATION: Friction in the system is the enemy of good modulation. The consistent use of roller bearings and special PU seals minimises internal friction in the Direttissima, resulting in exceptionally sensitive modulation.
• BITE POINT: You can’t have easy operation when the pressure point is as rigid as wood or soft and mushy. The key lies in the relationship between the give and take pistons and the lever kinematics. The increased overall transmission ratio compared to the predecessor results in a clearly defined but pleasantly elastic pressure point.
• ERGONOMICS: You won’t find any corners or edges on the lever of the Direttissima. Its was shaped with specially manufactured milling heads to ensure braking without pressure points even after kilometres of descents. Holes, grooves or indents were also omitted to support the natural gliding movement of the finger.
• STABILITY: The Direttissima is also characterised by the much-cited stability of the CLEG. Brake pistons made of polished stainless steel and heat-insulating organic brake pads reduce heat transfer to the brake fluid and protect the seals. With the matching Trickstuff Dächle brake disc (disc thickness of 2.05 mm, available separately) you can optimise the stability of the Direttissima even further.
• CHARACTERISTIC CURVE: A sophisticated lever mechanism with knee lever effect on the Direttissima creates a characteristic curve for the braking force. The harder you pull, the greater the gear ratio – the braking force increases disproportionately. As a result, your forearms tire much later and you can still decelerate aggressively and in a controlled manner even after long descents.
• BRAKE FLUID: The Direttissima uses highly temperature-stable BIONOL brake fluid. It is a biodegradable vegetable oil that is completely harmless to humans and materials and has an even higher boiling point than Dot 5.1 at 360 °C. It doesn’t “go bad”, remaining particularly fluid even in winter and, like the Direttissima, is engineered and made in Germany.
• WEIGHT: The system weight of the Direttissima (without disc and adapter) is an ultra-slim 250 grams – thanks to the functional design of the completely newly developed brake pump. The CNC-milled jewel weighs just 80 grams. The C42 brake calliper has sufficient mass to ensure optimum heat management.
• HANDLEBAR CLAMP: The Direttissima's sturdy two-piece milling clamp encloses the handlebar almost 360° to protect the material. The wide support at two points also prevents twisting from strong lever pulls. This stiffens the pressure point and makes for an even more direct braking feel.

• Elegant 4-piston disc brake set for mountain bikes (front wheel + rear wheel)
• Particularly durable and rigid construction made of CNC-milled and anodised aircraft aluminium
• Tool-free handle width adjustment with large adjustment range
• Slim, lightweight functional design
• Improved piston ratio and lever kinematics for high braking force
• Lever and connecting rod in ball bearings for optimum modulation, ease of movement and play-free use
• Precision-machined for a defined and stable bite point
• Optimal heat management due to polished stainless steel pistons (brake calliper)
• Brake fluid BIONOL: biodegradable vegetable oil with 360 °C boiling point (can also be used with mineral oil)
• Mounting of SRAM/SHIMANO shift levers with optional Trickstuff interfaces possible
• Two-piece milling clamp for secure, gentle and torsion-resistant handlebar clamping
• High-pressure hoses with Kevlar sheathing for a stable bite point
• Comes with Trickstuff 850 brake pads "Power+" (compatible with brake pads for SRAM Guide/G2)
• Tried and tested for racing
• Made in Germany
• Suitable for e-bikes

Technical details:
• Intended use: MTB
• Material: aluminium 7075 T6 (housing, lever, brake calliper); stainless steel (piston)
• Number of pistons: 4 (per brake)
• Brake lever: Trickstuff DRT
• Brake calliper: Trickstuff C42 (Postmount)
• Brake hose: Kevlar
• Hose length: 1700 mm rear, 900 mm front (can each be shortened)
• Brake fluid: mineral oil, BIONOL vegetable oil
• Brake pads: Trickstuff 850 Power+ (organic, nickel-plated steel carrier plate)
• Grip width adjustment: tool-free (adjustment range 47-88 mm)
• Adjustable free stroke: no
• Open clamp: yes (Ø 22.2 mm)
• Weight: approx. 250 g/brake (incl. pads, milling clamp, filled with 700 mm brake line – WITHOUT brake disc, adapter)

In the box:
• 1 Trickstuff Direttissima brake pump (front) with C42 brake calliper, pre-assembled and bled with 900 mm Kevlar brake hose, incl. milling clamp, brake pads and mounting material
• 1 Trickstuff Direttissima brake pump (rear) with C42 brake calliper, pre-assembled and bled with 1700 mm Kevlar brake hose, incl. milling clamp, brake pads and mounting material

Brake discs and adapters for SRAM/SHIMANO are NOT included in the scope of delivery.

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Direttissima Disc Brake Set Front + Rear Wheel

Ich hatte bisher eine MT5 und war so ganz zufrieden mit der Bremsleistung und Standfestigkeit, aber die Haptik…
Diese Bremse ist das beste dass ich ja in den Fingern hatte. Super Haptik und Einstellbarkeit. Die Standfestigkeit ist enorm und auch das montieren ging super. Der Preis ist natürlich hoch, aber ich finde gerechtfertigt.