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Adventure Gravel can be anything: from day trips to outdoor bikepacking. With these bikes, you can explore new trails, enjoy beautiful landscapes and discover nature in all its facets.


With this racing machine, you can discover your own limits – whether in an adrenaline-fuelled gravel race or playfully with friends in the battle for the next KOM.


These bikes are for your active everyday life – if you prefer cycling to getting on the train, if you need an everyday helper with space for shopping or if you like to spend your evenings out in nature.


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  • HOBO


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    Dare to explore everyday – equipped for daily tours.
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Which bike suits you best?


Backroad AL

from €1,999.00

from 9.2 kg

Your aluminium all-rounder for all-road and everyday use


from €2,999.00

from 8.1 kg

For great off-road experiences

Backroad Limited

from €4,499.00

from 8.1 kg

With a limited edition paint job
and top-notch components

Blend Gravel €1,199.00 from 10.0 kg Makes it easy for you to get started


from €1,499.00

from 11.3 kg

Your robust steel bike
that can do it all

Backroad AL EQ

from €2,499.00

from 11.3 kg Your aluminium all-rounder for all-road and everyday use

Backroad EQ

from €3,299.00

from 10.5 kg Equipped for your discovery tours


Backroad FF from €3,499.00 from 8.5 kg For off-road performance


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  • A bike for everything: That's what you can expect from a gravel bike.

    Faster than a mountain bike, more playful than a road bike: The gravel bike has long been considered by many cyclists to be the perfect all-round or better all-road bike. It gives you the freedom to take on any road – paved or dirt, dirt road or forest trail, underbrush or gravel pass. Turn where you want, step on the gas whenever you want. On the sporty after-work round, extended weekend tours or the daily way to work. The gravel bike combines speed, off-road action and nature experience. It's your bike if you want it all and are looking for a multi-talent.

    Gravel bikes owe their versatility to three main factors:
    • A sporty, but long-distance capable frame geometry,
    • fast but off-road capable tyres,
    • lightweight, robust components optimised for the intended use.

    Comfortable racers for any terrain – the gravel bike geometry

    Let's start with the frame geometry: Compared to a road bike, the frame of a gravel bike is longer – for more directional stability on changing terrain. In addition, you sit a bit more upright and thus gain a better overview, more long-distance comfort and a safe feeling downhill. The BACKROAD and BACKROAD AL differ in frame geometry only in nuances. While you sit a little sportier on the BACKROAD, the BACKROAD AL offers a slightly more upright riding position.

    Gravel tyres: Fast on the road, safe off-road

    The most visible difference between a road bike and a gravel bike is undoubtedly the tyres. Pure road racers rely on narrow, treadless tyres for the lowest possible rolling resistance. A gravel bike, on the other hand, must offer sufficient traction even on loose surfaces and at the same time absorb shocks and vibrations. The tyres are therefore wider and more profiled – and they grow with their requirements. That's why you can get the BACKROAD in road or off-road oriented variants, which are characterised by different tyres, among other things.

    Derailleur, brakes & more: The best of road and mountain bike world

    What applies to the tyres also applies to the components. Reliable brakes are a must for off-road use, disc brakes are standard on gravel bikes. The gears are borrowed from mountain bike technology to prevent the chain from jumping off and to remain shiftable even under load. And handlebars are available in both classic aerodynamic shape and wider flared to offer more control in the terrain. Whether clipless pedal or platform remains a question of faith, even for gravel bikes - our pedal guide provides assistance.
    Carbon or aluminium: What are the differences?
    When people think of a gravel bike made of carbon, they usually have the weight in mind. Several hundred grams saved compared to aluminum frames speak for themselves – especially when going uphill. But carbon has other advantages as well: It makes the frame extremely stiff for direct power transmission. In addition, it can be flexibly designed in desired places to provide more comfort. The fact that carbon is more sensitive than aluminium is only true to a limited extent. Nevertheless, if you use your gravel bike as an everyday bike and park it frequently, you might be better off with an aluminium frame.
    Gravel bike groupsets: Single or double? Electronic or mechanical?
    When it comes to the drive, opinions differ: The trend is clearly towards the single drive, where there is only one chainring in front. The advantages: Easier shifting off-road, less weight, fewer sources of error. On the other hand, for those who want to cover many miles on the road and value fine shifting and constant cadence, double drives are worth considering. Whether you want to shift mechanically or electronically is also up to you. The modern electronic systems only work with a full battery. In return, there are no shift cables and the gears run faster, quieter, more effortlessly and more reliably. Once ridden, few shift back. More about gearshifts.
    Bikepacking: Can you go on a bike trip with a gravel bike?
    Fast, all-terrain and long-distance capable: A gravel bike is made for multi-day cycling adventures. Even when fully packed, you remain agile enough to really step on the gas – whether on or off the road. To avoid wasting space in your bike bags, all BACKROAD models also have numerous mounting points on the frame and fork – for bottle cages, luggage racks and much more. So everything stays in place even over hill and dale.
    Can you mount a mudguard and luggage rack on a gravel bike?
    If you ride in all weather conditions or regularly carry luggage, mudguards and / or luggage racks can also be useful on the gravel bike. For this purpose, all BACKROAD models have corresponding attachment points to mount both safely. Who basically wants a luggage rack and mudguards for their gravel bikes, the BACKROAD, BACKROAD AL and BACKROAD+ are also available in an EQ version (EQ for equipped = equipped). Here the mudguard and luggage rack are already pre-assembled.
    Are there men's and women's models of gravel bikes?
    Like most sports bikes, gravel bikes have to withstand high forces while remaining as stiff as possible to efficiently convert your pedal power into propulsion. Offering women's models with a low top tube would therefore be at the expense of durability and performance. However, all BACKROAD models have a slightly sloping top tube, which reduces the standover height compared to classic diamond frames. For less tall women and men, the BACKROAD is also available in up to 50 cm frame height, the BACKROAD AL even in up to 46 cm frame height.
    Are there also gravel bikes with straight handlebars?
    Gravel bikes usually have road handlebars, called drop bars. These offer plenty of grip options and put you in an aerodynamic riding position. If you want to experience the versatility of a gravel bike in a more relaxed position instead, the BACKROAD FLATBAR or BACKROAD+ FLATBAR could be your bike. The flat handlebars give you a wide, controlled grip with a more upright riding position – ideal for sporty, fast touring or your daily commute.

    Or you can take it easy – with our concept bike HOBO. It has a robust retro steel frame and can be ridden playfully but very relaxed with its flat bar bent slightly backwards. Like the BACKROAD models, the hip steel gravel bike also offers many attachment points and even the option of attaching a front rack.
    Where can I test ride a ROSE gravel bike?
    Are you unsure which gravel bike suits you? You can also test all gravel bikes on site in the ROSE Biketown Bocholt – or visit us in one of our stores or shop-in-shop areas in over 15 cities in Germany and Switzerland. You can easily check the availability of the gravel test bikes in advance on our store pages. Here you also have the possibility to make an appointment for a test ride directly. If you are already sure, you can of course also conveniently buy your gravel bike online – or, if you prefer, make an appointment in advance with our telephone support.

    Buy gravel bikes cheap at Gravel Bike Sale

    As a direct seller, ROSE Bikes can offer you first-class gravel bikes with high-quality components at particularly low prices. With a little luck, you can save even more money in our Gravel Sale and get your gravel bike with a great discount. Here we regularly offer tested customer returns and discontinued gravel bikes at significantly reduced prices. So before you buy a used gravel bike to save money, check out our Gravel Sale – it's worth it.