Seb pushes the boundaries – UNBOUND Gravel XL

On 1 June 2024, Sebastian Breuer wins one of the most prestigious gravel races: The UNBOUND XL. After 20:05:36 hours and 570 kilometres, he won the sprint duel against Logan Kasper from the USA.
He rode through the night at a 30 km/h average and had to carry the bike through the tall grass for over an hour at times, because the path was so muddy. But the effort was worth it.
Photography: Sami Sauri

A record-breaking ride

Distance: 570 km Elevation gain: 5210 m Seb's time: 20 hrs 05 min. 36 sec.
One day before Rosa, Seb Breuer stood at the same start line ready to face the UNBOUND XL - with 300 miles (570km) the longest race of the weekend.
"Right from the start, the race was super fast and hectic. I stayed out of the front group to avoid falling and to focus on my pace and line."

This back and forth continued for dozens of kilometers until Seb chased back to the front and led the race into the night.
None of the riders let up throughout the night, stopping only to fill up the water. At midnight most of the other opponents were left behind and a very strong group of three could pace into the morning with an average speed of well above 30km/h.

UNBOUND wouldn't be the same without the well-known mud sections. After carrying their bikes for more than 1 hour through mud and tall grass with the sun shining on their backs, Seb and his now only opponent entered the final 100 kilometers of the race.
A nervous cat-and-mouse game began with attack after attack. Even after more than 500 kilometres ridden, they haven't spared themselves.

"At the last climb, Logan Kasper started his last attack which I could go with and stay at his wheel. This meant that the 20 hour race was decided in the final sprint."
"In the final sprint, I stayed calm and could rely on years of experience. I thought of the words from sprinter-legend Marcel Kittel "Leave a gap". As soon as Logan set for his final sprint, I went with him but left the famous sprinter's gap so I could stay in the draft, pass him with great speed, and cross the finish line first. Winning the Unbound and setting a new course record - that's just crazy!"

About Seb

As a former German and European MTB marathon champion, Seb is now dedicating himself to gravel racing. He won Badlands in 2022 and came third in the Atlas Mountain Race in 2023 – both races that demand everything. We are excited to see what comes next ...

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