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Dirt mountain bikes

Mountain bikes for a very special use


Dirt jumpers and slopestylers need small and agile bikes, which also have to be extremely stable. This is the most extreme group among mountain bikers, the artists, mavericks, go-getters. Meter-high jumps and spectacular tricks belong to their daily routine – weak material could have fatal consequences.

Even though both categories have a certain similarity, the bikes are nevertheless quite different. For maximum agility in the air, dirt jumpers generally rely on hardtails. To allow for even bigger jumps and to deal with more versatile obstacles, slopestylers generally ride full-suspension bikes. What they do have in common, however, is their passion for special, extraordinary rides. The tricks that dirt jumpers and slopestylers perform, mark the limits of what is possible – sometimes they even go beyond these. Moves are combined with each other, characteristics of the terrain are exploited, it’s a fireworks of creativity. During competitions, the judges decide who showed the most neat and innovative riding style. In these contests, you will be looking for stubborn competitiveness in vain. On the contrary, you are part of the community, the riders cheer on each other and push themselves to their absolute best.

And there are more aspects that the disciplines have in common. They are the youngest disciplines of mountain bike sports. It was not before the turn of the millenium, that these extreme sports grew like little plants from the US-American freeride scene. Backflips were once considered as unfeasible, but now belong to the standard repertoire. The rapid development of the tricks turns dirt jump and slopestyle into the most progressive and pulsating scenes in the MTB universe and even amateurs are fascinated by the breathtaking jumps. In these freestyle sports, every rider shows their own style, and the choice of the bike is a very personal matter, too. On which bike will you master the flying school?