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Downhill is where the fun begins!


When it is about going fast downhill, they are the Formula One: downhillers. Built for highest speed, their knobby tyres race down tracks you can hardly go down by foot. Every inch of these racing machines craves for root covered trails, rough stone fields and meter-long jumps. The aim is to be down in the valley as fast as possible. Every part of the downhill bike is made for this aim: double bridge fork, long wheelbase, powerful rear shock, as well as extremely robust wheels and frames make the impossible possible.

Our THE UNCHAINED is designed for extreme resistance as well – from the crank to the stem. Nevertheless, the top-of-the-range model only weighs slightly more than 16 kilograms, an impressive value for this bike class. THE UNCHAINED rolls on 26 inch big wheels. They offer you a maximum of stability and very good values with regard to agility and zippiness.

Downhill bikes are bikes for days on which heroes are born, for big deeds, for moments that will last forever. Downhillers compete in races, that is the quintessence of all efforts, the place on top of the podium is the one big aim. The appeal of this kind of trial of strength lies in its simplicity. It is a fascinating fight against the clock, which runs down merciless. There will be no prize for beauty, no marks for good posture – the winner is the one who reaches the finishing line first. That’s the only thing that counts. Riding skills and concentration are just as decisive for success as is a bike which matches your skills and brings you further.

And just as it is in Formula One, it may be the last 5 per cent that decide about winning or losing. Your bike has to be perfectly adapted and that’s where our configurator will help you. You can choose from a multitude of parts to make your downhiller meet your needs. The material, the width of the handlebar, the choice of the wheels and tyres and even the colour of the grips! Turn THE UNCHAINED into your bike!