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Cycling socks, gloves and overshoes for highest demands
The products by SEALSKINZ are ideally adapted to the needs of cyclists, who would like to perform well on the road in any weather. Nature was taken as an inspiring example for the functionality of the products. Seals are perfectly equipped for a life in the water. This means, of course, that the bike products by SEALSKINZ are equipped with a technology that makes sure that cyclists stay dry on their way to their destination. Moreover, the materials and the finish of the products allow for the items to be breathable. The brand with the seal’s skin offers for example gloves, socks and hats in different sizes, fits and designs.

Waterproof, breathable, windproof: cycling socks for highest demands   
The SEALSKINZ BIKING products are especially tailored to the needs of cyclists, who like to ride off the road. No matter whether it rains or whether you ride through shallow rivers or puddles: The socks are made to be 100% waterproof as well as breathable. Moreover, the socks offer very high wearing comfort and a perfect fit. The reason for the ideal fit at sole, ankle and shinbone are the elastic cuffs, which give the socks ideal hold in every height. If the socks get wet during the ride, their finish with merino wool allows for reliable moisture wicking.

Lightweight yet durable bike gloves for any weather  
Whether practical all-weather gloves or durable winter gloves for rides in cold and wet weather; whether in the terrain on the mountain bike or during a city or trekking tour: The SEALSKINZ BIKING gloves are highly versatile. Their finish promises pleasant wearing comfort, even if the ride gets tough. Protection from wind and water is guaranteed as well. SEALSKINZ offers the right glove model for cold and warm seasons as well. Fit, flexibility and wearing comfort are optimally combined in these products. To be able to shift smoothly and securely, the gloves come with an additional coating at the fingers. Some glove models ensure a free view for glasses wearers with a special coating at the thumb, which allows you to wipe away sweat easily.