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1965, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA: SMITH revolutionises the powder skiing experience with the world’s first snow goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable ventilation foam.

Over the years, several other innovations followed. At first, SMITH introduced the first interchangeable lens systemfor sunglasses and snow goggles, then quickly took fog-free goggle technology to the next level with the launch of two new ventilation systems for seamless goggle/helmet integration. Over the next few years, SMITH developed an eco-friendly sunglass collection, the completely new Aerocoreventilation system for ski and bike helmets, as well as the advanced polarized lens technology ChromaPop.

Today, more than 50 years later: SMITH have continuously further developed their expertise in sports glasses development. Today, the company produces high-performance eyewearand advanced road bike and MTB helmets for outdoor use to sell them worldwide. The US brand seeks to power thrilling experiences in snow, surf, bike, fish and peak performance outdoor adventures with high-quality eyewearproducts and helmets by creating innovations that amplify awesome, and crafting gear where every detail makes a difference.

Sunglasses and Bike Helmets – SMITH Offers the Full Range of Modern Eyewear Technology
SMITH models are available for a wide range of different sports disciplines. Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, motocross, climbing – and of course cycling. All SMITH products are thoroughly tested in-house under toughest conditions.
All helmets, sports glasses and goggles by SMITH are of high quality and built tough.

A Pioneer for Sports Glasses and Goggles
In the early days, SMITH founder Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist, created the first goggles by hand using various dental instruments, foam and adhesive. Before he could do a deal for industrial production, he had built those early prototypes together with friends and family at the kitchen table. On his many trips into the mountains to test his products, he used to swap the new drafts for lift tickets.

... and State-of-The-Art Technology Today
The numerous innovations by Smith Optics include the 5X anti-fog inner lens, the I/O series with quick release lens change system, the patented Turbo Fan ventilation system as well as the patented individually adjustable lens ventilation system “Regulator”. Further patents are the Roll Off system for downhill and MotoX goggles and the ODS (Ocular Docking System), which allows for a perfect integration of prescription inserts in sunglasses and snow goggles.
One of the latest innovations is the ChromaPop lens that offers excellent polarisation, clarity and optimised colours.

Inventive Spirit and Passion 
What makes SMITH special is the team behind the brand. The sports glasses, goggles and bike helmets are designed with a view to the whole and constantly tested. Until they meet the high standards. After all, you should enjoy nature, sport and movement and not struggle with a bad goggle.