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The best MTB Shoes

Durable cycling shoes for All Mountain, Enduro and Trail riding

We stock a huge range of women‘s and men’s MTB shoes by renowned brands like ROSE, SIDI, GAERNE, MAVIC, FIVE TEN, SHIMANO and NORTHWAVE. In our online shop, you'll find MTB shoes in all common sizes, as well as in classic colours like black or trendy seasonal colours.

What are MTB shoes?

MTB shoes are cycling shoes that are especially designed for mountain biking. Thus, the key features are high durability and a sole that not only offers efficient power transfer to the pedal, but also high grip on slippery ground. These criteria play a crucial role in the selection of materials and closure mechanisms, as they make sure your mountain bike shoes are fit for purpose.

How should MTB shoes fit?

Cycling shoes should generally fit tight without pinching. To ensure perfect power transfer to the pedal, foot, shoe and pedal should form a single unit. If the shoes are too loose, a good energy transfer to the pedal is not given. In addition, you should make sure the cycling shoes keep your heels in place. Simply try to lift your heels with the shoes on to check for proper fit. Your heels should not slip out of the shoes. Ony then, a perfect fit around the heel and excellent power transfer to the pedal are guaranteed. Cycling shoes should fit close to your feet without pinching – cycling shoes that are too tight may have a negative effect on your blood flow. Make sure there is about a thumb's width space from the toes to the front end of the shoes.

Winter mountain bike shoes

Those who also ride their mountain bike in bad weather or winter are well advised to buy waterproof MTB shoes. A wind- and waterproof membrane – as used in GORE-TEX MTB shoes for example – makes sure no water or moisture can penetrate the material. Thus, you don't have to worry about spray, rain or puddles. Another recommendation for cold days are padded MTB shoes. These have an insulating material inside or integrated in a mid-layer to reduce the penetration of cold. Thus, they keep your feet warm for longer. Perfect for the cold season! Discover our range of winter shoes! Alternatively, you can wear waterproof socks or wind- and waterproof overshoes.

Which MTB shoes should I use for spinning?

If you are planning an upgrade from traditional sports shoes to cycling shoes for the gym or spinning courses, MTB shoes will be the perfect choice. They are compatible with the pedal system used on spinning bikes in gyms. So, all you need are shoes with a recess to attach 2-bolt cleats for MTB pedal systems in order to be able to connect your shoes to the pedals. When choosing the right shoes for use on spinning bikes, you should pay attention to the materials used. The upper should be made from lightweight and breathable materials, so that you won't sweat too much during exhausting workouts. The sole should be stiff to allow you to put every watt of power onto the pedal. You can choose from shoes with a traditional nylon sole through to models with an ultra-light and ultra-stiff full carbon sole. Further below, we will explain the differences between and the advantages/disadvantages of the different types of soles. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right shoes and cleats for spinning.

MTB shoes for wide feet

We also offer a selection of MTB shoes for wider feet in all sizes. These shoes come with a wider last to offer sufficient space for your feet. All mountain bike shoes for wide feet are marked as such in the headline and product description to make it easier for you to find them. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right cycling shoes for your foot shape.

Shoes for MTB newcomers

Those who have just started mountain biking are well advised to go for flat pedal shoes. As these shoes don't have a recess for cleats, you can fully concentrate on your ride and get your feet off the pedal in no time or push your bike on short sections. Flat pedal shoes offer maximum flexibility.

If you are an advanced rider who has already gained some experience on the mountain bike, you can swap your flat shoes for MTB shoes with cleat system. These offer improved power transfer to the pedal. Yet, you should practice clipping in and out to make sure you will quickly get your feet off the pedals in technically demanding sections. The upgrade to a cleat system requires MTB shoes with holes for 2-bolt cleat systems as well as pedals with MTB system that use cleats with SPD standard (2 bolt standard), such as Shimano SPD, Time ATAC, CrankBrothers, CrankBrothers Race, Look MTB, Xtreme MTB and Wellgo MTB.

Mountain bike shoes: with or without cleat system?

Before buying a pair of cycling shoes, you should ask yourself whether you would like to have MTB shoes that are compatible with clipless pedals or whether you prefer MTB shoes without cleat attachment. If you are an MTB newcomer and like to get off the pedals quickly to have your foot on the ground on technically demanding sections or if your tours have several, long off-the-bike sections, we recommend wearing MTB shoes without cleat attachment. If you are looking for cycling shoes for use on flat pedals without cleat system, we also recommend you to visit our category flat pedal shoes. There you will find a huge choice of trendy freeride shoes with a grippy rubber outsole for maximum grip on your dirt bike. Our range also includes freeride shoes of well-known brands like FIVE TEN, VAUDE, O'NEAL, SHIMANO or ION

As they connect the foot to the pedal, clipless pedals are a great relief for experienced cyclists. They do no longer risk to slip off the pedals, the foot position on the pedal is much more efficient and the cadence can be increased. In addition, cyclists appreciate clipless pedals thanks to the improved power transfer they offer – they allow you to apply power through more of the pedal stroke for a smooth and efficient ride. Yet, using clipless pedals properly needs a little practice and professional instructions. In our shop, you will find a huge choice of MTB shoes with holes to attach a clipless pedal. If you need help, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right MTB shoes.

Which closure system is right for me?

As already mentioned above, the choice of the right closure mechanism is of high importance for a perfect fit. Only then you can achieve maximum power transfer to the pedal. You can choose between the following types of closure systems:

Laces: Traditional lace-up shoes allow for precise adjustments. Yet, you cannot adjust the shoes while riding. When riding over forest paths or downhill tracks, make sure to tuck the ends of the laces out of the way. Otherwise, they risk to get stuck in your drivetrain or caught on branches.

Velcro straps: Those who want to make sure the shoe's closure system won't get caught should go for MTB shoes with velcro straps, ratchets or dials. Velcro straps also allow for precise adjustments, can be adjusted on the fly if need be and do not get caught on branches that quickly.

Ratchets: MTB shoes with ratcheting buckles allow for an even more precise adjustment. For this, a plastic wire is threaded through a closure system and adjusted precisely to the millimetre. Thus, the closure system cannot get caught, while keeping the foot in place inside the shoe and offering a perfect fit around the heels.

Dials (e.g. BOA or ATOP): MTB shoes with dials offer precise adjustment options and even pressure distribution over the entire foot. This is thanks to wire laces running across the foot like traditional laces. Yet, they are adjustable in length via a twist buckle. This allows for precise one-handed adjustment on the fly.

Which sole is right for me?

When choosing a new pair of MTB shoes, you can choose between a wide range of different soles, ranging from traditional nylon soles through to full-carbon soles. Please find below important tips on how to choose the right sole:

Rubber soles: Traditional sports shoes and flat pedal shoes usually come with rubber outsoles. Thanks to high flexibility, they offer particularly high comfort when walking. On flat pedals, the rubber sole ensures maximum grip, as the rubber wraps around the steel pins and offers high friction resistance with the slippery platform pedal.

Nylon soles: Classic nylon soles are mostly used on entry-level and all-rounder models. Nylon is harder than rubber, so that the soles offer improved power transfer to the pedal. Due to lower flexibility though, nylon soles are less comfortable when walking and offer less grip on slippery ground. Therefore, nylon soles of MTB shoes usually feature a non-slip rubber tread.

Reinforced nylon soles: Those who want to transfer even more power to the pedal can also go for mountain bike shoes with a nylon sole that comes with additional carbon or fibreglass reinforcements in the cleat area. This results in increased stiffness, helping you to get even more power onto the pedal. Tread blocks made of non-slip rubber provide sufficient grip on off-the-bike sections.

Carbon composite soles: Cyclists who want a stiff sole but do not have the budget for a full carbon sole are recommended choosing a carbon composite sole. These soles are made from a nylon-carbon composite. This allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds: increased stiffness thanks to carbon, and a lower price and more comfort thanks to nylon. Tread blocks made of non-slip rubber provide sufficient grip on off-the-bike sections.

Full carbon soles: MTB shoes with a carbon sole offer maximum stiffness. These cycling shoes feature a carbon sole that is particularly stiff, lightweight and hardly flexible at all. This makes the sole less comfortable when walking but allows for maximum power transfer to the pedal while saving weight. As carbon soles do not offer sufficient grip on slippery grounds, they feature tread blocks made of non-slip rubber. Thus, you can also manage off-the-bike sections or get your foot off the pedal on technically demanding trails.

You see, stiffness and lightness increase with every upgrade. However, you may have to make some compromises regarding walkability. If you are not sure which sole to choose for your mountain bike tours, our experts will be happy to help you.

We stock a large number of women's and men's MTB shoes by renowned brands like FIVE TEN, SHIMANO and NORTHWAVE. In our online shop, the shoes are available in all common sizes as well as in classic colours like black or trendy, seasonal colours.

Do you have questions about MTB shoes?

What is the right clipless pedal system for mountain biking?
  • Classic systems for mountain biking are: Shimano SPD, Time ATAC, Crankbrothers or Crankbrothers Race.
  • MTB shoes for use with a clipless pedal system have two parallel bolts for cleats and pedals with 2-bolt standard. This allows the cleat to be permanently attached and clipped in the pedal.
What are the advantages of mountain bike shoes?
  • With mountain bike shoes in the clipless pedal system, you can connect your shoe firmly to the pedal to ensure better power transfer.
  • They offer secure hold on the pedal and a better feeling on demanding trails.
Which cycling shoes should I use for spinning?
Spinning bikes are equipped with pedals that require cycling shoes and cleats with 2-bolt standard. You can find the matching cleats in our ROSE shop, so nothing stands in the way of your first spinning class.
Do I need special cycling shoes in winter?
Yes, if you want to ride longer tours in winter, we recommend winter cycling shoes. But what should I pay attention to when buying them?
  • In order to keep your feet dry, we recommend waterproof membranes in your mountain bike shoes.
  • We also recommend lined cycling shoes on cold days.
  • You should also check out waterproof socks and warming insoles..