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The Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Triathlon Shoes for Training and Competition

In a triathlon race, every second counts. As a triathlete, you quickly get into your triathlon shoes in the transition zone, hop on the saddle and fight for the best time. There are cycling shoes that are especially designed for triathletes, making transitions faster and offering high breathability and maximum performance on the race bike. Thus, you can show what you are capable of. Which triathlon bike shoes are right for you? In the following, we'll explain what to bear in mind when buying a new pair of triathlon cycling shoes. Discover our range of high-quality women's and men's triathlon shoes in all common sizes by renowned brands like SIDI, MAVIC, SHIMANO, GAERNE and NORTHWAVE.

What's the difference between triathlon bike shoes and road shoes?

Triathlon cycling shoes are very similar to traditional road cycling shoes. Both types of shoes have soles with holes arranged in a triangle to attach 3-bolt cleats. Yet, they differ in the upper material and the fastening system used. To help you quickly put your triathlon shoes on in the transition zone, these types of shoes do without the ratchet buckles and dials you know from road cycling. Instead, they use Velcro straps that can be closed with a flick of the wrist and allow the shoes to open up wide. This makes transitions even faster. Besides, triathlon bike shoes often feature a pull tab on the heels for easier handling. As mentioned above, triathlon shoes also differ from road shoes in terms of the material. Their upper material is especially light, breathable and fast-drying to make sure your wet feet will dry fast after the swim leg.

Ranging from nylon through to carbon – the right sole for your triathlon shoes!

Those who want to enjoy best power transfer to the pedal should pay particular attention to the sole when buying a new pair of cycling shoes. Please find below all types of soles available and their advantages:

Nylon sole: Given their low production costs, traditional nylon soles are mostly used on entry-level and all-rounder models. Nylon is harder than rubber, so that the soles offer improved power transfer to the pedal. Due to lower flexibility though, nylon soles are less comfortable when walking and offer less grip on slippery ground.

Reinforced nylon sole: Those who want to transfer even more power to the pedal can also go for cycling shoes with a nylon sole featuring additional carbon or fibreglass reinforcements in the cleat area. This results in increased stiffness, helping you get even more power onto the pedal.

Carbon composite sole: Cyclists who want a stiff sole but do not have the budget for a full carbon sole are recommended choosing a carbon composite sole. These soles are made from a nylon-carbon composite. This allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds: increased stiffness thanks to carbon, and a lower price and more comfort thanks to nylon. 

Full carbon sole: Cycling shoes with a carbon sole offer maximum stiffness. These shoes feature a carbon sole that is particularly stiff, lightweight and hardly flexible at all. This makes the sole less comfortable when walking but allows for maximum power transfer to the pedal while saving weight.

In our online shop, you'll find triathlon specific shoes. Discover our range of high-quality women's and men's triathlon bike shoes in all common sizes by popular brands like SIDI, MAVIC, SHIMANO, GAERNE and NORTHWAVE. Our experts will be happy to advise you on our shoe models and will help you find the perfect pair of cycling shoes for your needs.