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Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tyre, Folding Tyre (Tubeless Ready)

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Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tyre, Folding Tyre (Tubeless Ready)

Product code: 232277801



The Grand Prix 5000 S Tubeless Ready heralds a new era of road tyre development at Continental!
It is lighter, faster and, thanks to reinforced sidewalls, even more comfortable and reliable than its direct predecessor, the Grand Prix 5000 TL. A revised tyre bead now also ensures compatibility with hookless rims.

This makes the Grand Prix 5000 S TR the new standard for tubeless-ready technology in the road bike portfolio of the caoutchouc specialists from Germany.


• TR (Tubeless-Ready)
The user-friendly tubeless-ready system of the Grand Prix 5000 S TR is specially designed for road cycling, easy to install and reliable. A revised bead reliably seals the tyre and provides a good fit on both hooked and hookless rims.
For the first installation, Continental recommends to use at least 30 ml of Conti RevoSealant (prod. code: 2255637). Rotate the tyre or wheel afterwards to distribute the sealant all around. Then inflate the tyre to the maximum recommended pressure. You should check the pressure at regular intervals as well as before your first ride and inflate the tyre if necessary.

• BlackChili Compound
High grip and low rolling resistance are mutually exclusive. Combining both always requires a compromise. For the Grand Prix 5000 S TR, Continental has improved the composition of the well-known Black Chili compound to achieve an optimal balance of stiffness and stability – for a tyre that is optimised for low rolling resistance while being soft enough to offer maximum traction.

• Vectran™ Breaker puncture protection
We all want the best possible puncture protection. But no one wants to cycle around with significantly more weight. The Vectran™ Breaker puncture protection insert of Continental’s GP 5000 S bicycle tyre was inspired by the impressive tear resistance of spider silk and consists of a synthetically produced high-tech fibre made of liquid crystalline polymer (LCP), which offers enormous resistance. This fibre is finely and densely woven to create an extremely puncture-resistant layer that protects against cuts while adding hardly any weight.

• Lazer Grip
To increase grip in fast corners, Continental has given the Grand Prix 5000 S TR a Laser Grip tread pattern on the shoulders. This micro-tread structure is laser-cut into the rubber which makes the tyre good-natured and predictable while cornering.

• Active Comfort Technology
The technology integrated in the 3-layer structure of the tyre casing absorbs most of the vibrations and shocks directly where they occur. At the contact point from the tyre to the road. This "actively" increases comfort and improves the cycling experience.

Technical details:
• Intended use: Road (Racing / Training)
• Type: folding tyre (clincher)
• Casing: 3-layer 330 TPI
• Puncture protection: Vectran™ Breaker
• Rubber compound: BlackChili Compound:
• Tubeless ready: yes

25-622 / 700x25C / approx. 250 g / max. inner rim width: 21 mm / max. tyre pressure: hooked 7.5 bars (109 PSI) ; hookless: 5.0 bars (73 PSI)
28-622 / 700x28C / approx. 275 g / max. inner rim width: 25 mm / max. tyre pressure: hooked 6.5 bars (95 PSI) ; hookless: 5.0 bars (73 PSI)
30-622 / 700x30C / approx. 295 g / max. inner rim width: 25 mm / max. tyre pressure: hooked 5.0 bars (73 PSI) ; hookless: 5.0 bars (73 PSI)
32-622 / 700x32C / approx. 320 g / max. inner rim width: 25 mm / max. tyre pressure: hooked 5.0 bars (73 PSI) ; hookless: 5.0 bars (73 PSI)

In the box:
• 1 Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR road tyre (Tubeless Ready)

For the tubular version of the Continental Grand Prix 5000 see prod. code: 2282878.

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