Make yourself visible!

Reflective Clothing & Parts*

Helmets with direct lighting

Additional lighting on dark tours

If you ride a lot on dark days, at dusk or at night, a cycling helmet with an integrated rear LED head light is recommended. An LED light makes you more visible to other road users and faster. Thanks to bright colours and large reflective details, they also provide a high level of safety on your tours.

Bags with reflective elements

The reflective add-on for you & your bike

It's all in the mix! Even if you don't want to cycle wearing all neon, you can make sure you are seen well. It is important that you pay attention to the correct distribution of visibility elements in order to be seen by other road users. Bike bags & backpacks are perfect for this. They also offer storage space for your luggage. Here you can find a wide range of high-quality bike bags & backpacks with various materials, colours and shapes.

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*the reflective elements attached to the clothing as design elements or decoration do not represent a personal protective equipment in accordance with EU regulation 2016/425.