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Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle
Model Y Saddle

Selle Italia Model Y Saddle

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With the Model Y off-road saddle, Selle Italia combines quality and performance with its Greentech manufacturing process. The entire production process takes place within a 15 kilometre radius of the headquarters in Treviso. This reduces CO2 emissions in the supply chain and strengthens the local economy. The result is a product that is also manufactured without adhesives and solvents.

Nevertheless, performance has not been sacrificed: With its T-shape, the Model Y saddle encourages a dynamic pedalling style, but is also suitable for riders with a more static riding position, thanks to its neutrally shaped saddle surface. What’s more, the central Superflow cut-out provides outstanding perineal pressure relief. It comes with a fabric cover so that thrown-up dirt cannot get through. In order to keep the saddle weight low and to achieve high durability, the off-road saddle has rails that are made of titanium-alloyed steel.

• Greentech: A production process without the use of adhesives and solvents that makes it possible to create a product with a low ecological footprint.
• Green-Tek Cover made of recyclable material (polypropylene).
• Anti bacterial treatment: The entire saddle material (except for the saddle rails) is treated with an antibacterial additive.
• TI316 Rail: Saddle rails made of a titanium alloy that are stronger and at the same time lighter than rails made of conventional steel alloys.

Technical details:
• Intended use: Offroad, MTB, Gravel
• Category: Performance
• Gender: unisex
• Cover: Green-Tek
• Padding: polypropylene
• Saddle rails: TI316 Ø 7 mm
• Dimensions: approx. 142 x 246 mm
• Weight: approx. 277 g

• Category L1: "wide" pelvic bone distance and low pelvic rotation

In the box:
• 1 Selle Italia Model Y saddle

The idmatch system for Selle Italia saddles:

The letter S or L indicates the width of the saddle. The decisive factor here is the distance between your ischial tuberosities:
Choose size S if you have an ischial tuberosity of less than 120 mm.
Choose size L if you have an ischial tuberosity of more than 120 mm.

If you do not yet know your ischial tuberosity distance, you can measure it yourself using a piece of corrugated cardboard, a pencil and a tape measure, for example.

The numbers 1, 2 and 3 indicate the size and presence of a cut-out in the saddle and are based on the individual pelvic rotation. A possible reference point: If you are able to rotate your pelvis far forwards on the bike and can therefore comfortably bring your upper body into a low position, this indicates high flexibility and you should consider size 3. If you have medium or low flexibility, you should therefore choose size 2 or 1.

1: Closed saddle without cut-out – Suitable for low pelvic rotation.
2: Saddle with small cut-out called "Flow" – Suitable for medium pelvic rotation.
3: Saddle with large cut-out called "Superflow" – Suitable for strong pelvic rotation.

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