Cranksets and Accessories

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Cranksets and Accessories

Cranksets, chainsets, cranks and accessories for MTBs, road bikes and city bikes

Everything you need for your crankset: chainrings, chainsets, bashguards, crank arms, chain guides and more

Our range of cranks and accessories encompasses single and special bottom brackets and includes a wide selection of chain-rings, chain cases, bottom brackets, chain guides, practical chain guards, special MTB / ATB bottom brackets and bottom brackets for road bikes.

Bicycle cranks differ significantly in terms of their application: For road bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes there are specific crank sets with one, two or even three chain-rings. The number of teeth on the crank's chain-ring plays an important role: It determines how big the translation is while pedalling. The more teeth there are, the greater the translation. Smaller compact cranks allow for smaller gears, such as those used when riding in mountainous terrain.

In the accessories section, you can find a variety of useful small parts / spare parts for the different bottom brackets, thread adapters, star screws / crank guides in various sizes and designs, chain tensioners, bottom bracket shells and crank mounting screws.