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Cross country

Cross country bikes - MTB for races and training


Cross country is not only racing, cross country represents the root of mountain biking and reduces the sport to its essential. Your heart is beating fast; your legs are pedalling relentlessly. The landscape rushes past, your eyes focus on the trail. You are hunting for the fastest and ideal line to let no root or stone stop you. You steer your bike precisely to the millimetre, feeling the speed. Discover the world – whether on a hardtail or a full-suspension bike – take in nature, enjoy movement and feel that you are alive.

You decide whether you would like to sit on a 27,5” or a 29” bike. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. 29 inches for speed, grip and best roll-over characteristics. 27,5 inches for better agility and zippiness. Cross country bikes are built to win. Whether in competitions or when chasing your own best time. Even during relaxed bike tours, it is difficult not to ride at full speed from time to time. These bikes literally drag you forward, they want to be pushed and feel the headwind. They are built for speed and racing, across country, lightweight, fast and versatile. You don’t have to take part in races to benefit from their strength – moving in nature and rolling on wide knobby tyres fascinate beginners and advanced riders as well.

High-quality features, lightweight and agile frames, stiff suspensions – these are the ingredients for fast off-road riding. And that’s exactly what our cross country racers are built like, efficient, powerful and durable. Whether hardtail or full-susser is left for you to decide, refined with carbon components and topped with either 27,5“ or 29“ wheels. ROSE cross country bikes offer the perfect recipe for speed that will be enjoyed by everyone. All those who love speed and riding fun on unpaved roads, or would just like to train in nature, will find the right partner to enjoy many great hours with a cross country bike.