Rally™ RS100 Pedal Watt Measuring System Single-sensing for SHIMANO SPD-SL

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Rally™ RS100 Pedal Watt Measuring System Single-sensing for SHIMANO SPD-SL


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One system, three platforms, countless possibilities!
The GARMIN Rally™ wattmeter pedal system makes watt-based power measurement more flexible and straightforward than ever. Whether Road, Gravel or MTB: With three available Rally™ platforms for SHIMANO SPD-SL, LOOK KéO or SHIMANO SPD, every ambitious cyclist can now find the right powermeter pedal for them. You decide with which platform and cleats you want to ride. It’s also easy to swap out thanks to separately available pedal bodies. So you can use different click systems on different bikes with only one pair of spindles and benefit from all measurement and analysis functions that the GARMIN Ecosystem has to offer, both onroad and offroad.

As with its predecessor Vector™ 3 (whose pedal axle is also adaptable to the Rally™ system), GARMIN again relies on a user-friendly "Plug & Play" concept: Simply screw the pedals onto the crank arms, pair them via ANT+ or Bluetooth with your compatible bike computer or GARMIN Connect™ on your smartphone, enter the crank length and after a short calibration you are ready to go. The measurement takes place directly at the pedal spindle – several hundred times per second.

The pedal bodies already attached to the GARMIN Rally™ RS100 are based on the SHIMANO SPD-SL platform and can be used with the matching cleats from GARMIN or SHIMANO on bike shoes with a 3-hole standard. In contrast to the RS200 (prod. code 2314168), sensors for watt measurement are only installed on one pedal spindle to provide you with a simple and affordable introduction to the Rally™ system. The precise watt and cadence values will allow you to get started with power and cadence-based training. For the full range of functions, including GARMIN Cycling Dynamics, GARMIN also offers a corresponding upgrade pedal. So upgrading is at any time for detailed analyses on the evenness of your pedal stroke, power phases and more.

Whatever goals you wish to reach: The GARMIN Rally™ RS100 wattmeter pedals support you with comprehensive data for each of your activities. Track the progress of your training performance, optimise your cadence, get realistic values for your virtual indoor training, and use performance indicators like your FTP value to get to most out of yourself during the race! Experience the new flexibility of watt measurement – experience GARMIN Rally™!

A system for every terrain!

• PLUG & PLAY: The Rally™ pedals are mounted like ordinary pedals and require minimal configurations. So you can start training straight away and easily switch between different bikes or take your power meter pedals with you on a biking holiday.
• SHIMANO SPD-SL PLATFORM: The GARMIN RS100 pedals are based on the SHIMANO SPD-SL standard to offer you the best possible performance on your road bikes with a click system you are already familiar with.
• INTERCHANGEABLE PEDAL BODY: With the separately available replacement pedal bodies for LOOK KéO or SHIMANO SPD, you can use these sensor-equipped pedal spindles with other click systems – from road bikes to gravel bikes or cyclocrossers to mountain bikes.
• SLIM DESIGN: Flat pedal bodies with integrated battery housing ensure not only a low weight but also a low stack height for better ergonomics – an advantage on any terrain.
• LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: With a battery life of up to 120 hours, you always have enough reserves, even for an entire cycling vacation. For longer adventures, you can use the compatible CR1/3N and LR44/SR44 button cells for spare batteries.

All values at a glance!

• ACCURATE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: The Rally™ RS100 pedals have sensors equipped on one side and provide you with precisely measured values for wattage and cadence, with measurement tolerances of only +/- 1 %.
• EASY TO UPGRADE: With an upgrade pedal you can reduce the gap to the RS200 and benefit from the advanced analysis options of GARMIN Cycling Dynamics.
• MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY: You can connect your Rally™ pedals to compatible GARMIN watches, Edge® bike computers or the Connect™ app on your smartphone via ANT+® or Bluetooth®. This way you can always keep an eye on your training data. The measured values for power and cadence can also be displayed on many third-party devices.
• GARMIN CONNECT™: Your Rally™ wattmeter pedals are fully integrated with the GARMIN ecosystem. This allows you to merge your training data and quickly update software and system settings via GARMIN Connect™. In addition, you can share your training data directly with third-party platforms such as Strava, TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad. Analyse the performance data every day after training, use free training plans, plan routes via the map display and share your activities with other users.

Performance analysis at the highest level!

• WATT AND CADENCE VALUES: The Rally™ system continuously measures your wattage and cadence and sends the data to your end device, where it is clearly displayed through various values.
• FTP – Functional Threshold Power™: FTP indicates the calculated wattage at which you can ride consistently for 1 hour without a significant drop in performance (threshold power).
• NP – Normalized Power™: NP is an additional average watt value that also takes into account changes in resistance and power peaks to provide more realistic comparative values for the effort expended during a training session.
• IF – Intensity Factor™: The intensity factor indicates the intensity of a unit in relation to one's own performance. (IF = NP/FTP)
• TSS – Training Stress Score™: TSS indicates the "objective" load of an activity, which also takes into account its duration.

The measured values that can be displayed vary depending on the device being used. See manufacturer’s instructions!

• Road bike click pedal system for watt and cadence measurement
• Easy to install and use with "Plug & Play" concept
• Wattage measurement via sensors on the pedal spindle (left pedal only)
• Upgradeable to dual-sensing measurement via upgrade pedal
• Compatible with GARMIN RS and SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats
• Interchangeable pedal bodies (separate pedal bodies available for SHIMANO SPD and LOOK KéO)
• Can be paired via ANT+ and Bluetooth with compatible bike computers, sports watches or smartphones with GARMIN Connect™ app
• Status LED to indicate assembly and maintenance information as well as low battery level
• Automatic temperature compensation for exact wattage values in all environments
• Adjustable release tension of the shoe
• Flat design with integrated battery housing
• Durable stainless steel pedal areas for optimal power transmission

Technical details:
• Material: plastic composite material (pedal body); stainless steel (pedal spindle, platform)
• Compatible cleats: GARMIN Rally™ RS / SHIMANO SPD-SL
• Intended use: Road bike, Triathlon
• Power measurement: single-sensing
• Cadence measurement: yes
• Cycling Dynamics: no
• Calibration: yes
• Measuring tolerance: +/- 1 %
• Interfaces: ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
• Firmware updates: Yes (via GARMIN Connect™)*
• Battery life: up to 120 hours (via replaceable button cells)
• Battery type: 1 x CR1/3N or 2 x LR44/SR44
• Q factor: 53 mm (55 mm with washer)
• Stack height: 12.2 mm
• Max. rider weight: up to 105 kg
• Weight: approx. 328 g / pair

* Smartphone compatibility of the Garmin Connect™ app (system requirements): http://www.garmin.com/en-GB/ble

In the box:
• 1 pair of GARMIN Rally™ RK 100 pedals incl. CR1/3N battery
• 1 pair of GARMIN Rally™ RK cleats, 4.5° freedom of movement, red, incl. mounting material
• 2 washers, each 2 mm
• 1 replacement gasket for battery compartment cover
• 1 quick start manual

Optional accessories:
• GARMIN Rally™ RS cleats, 4.5° freedom of movement (prod. code 2315532)
• GARMIN Rally™ XC pedal body replacement kit for SHIMANO SPD (prod. code 2315530)
• GARMIN Rally™ RK pedal body replacement kit for LOOK KéO (prod. code 2315527)
• GARMIN Rally™ RS100 Upgrade Pedal for dual-sensing watt measurement (prod. code 2316368)

Further Rally™ Starter Sets:
• GARMIN Rally™ RS200 dual-sensing wattmeter pedals for SHIMANO SPD-SL (prod. code 2314168)
• GARMIN Rally™ RK200 dual-sensing wattmeter pedals for LOOK KéO (prod. code 2314165)
• GARMIN Rally™ RK100 single-sensing wattmeter pedals for LOOK KéO (prod. code 2314164)
• GARMIN Rally™ XC200 dual-sensing wattmeter pedals for SHIMANO SPD (prod. code 2314171)
• GARMIN Rally™ XC100 single-sensing wattmeter pedals for SHIMANO SPD (prod. code 2314169)

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Rally™ RS100 Pedal Watt Measuring System Single-sensing for SHIMANO SPD-SL

Bin total begeistert von den Rally RS 100. Alte Pedalen abgeschraubt die Neuen angeschraubt und mit dem Edge 1030 verbunden ging wie von selbst. Nach 5 min habe ich ich schon die erste Runde gefahren.

Rally™ RS100 Pedal Watt Measuring System Single-sensing for SHIMANO SPD-SL

Montage war soweit problemlos - man sollte halt einen Pedalschlüssel und etwas Gewindefett da haben. Das pairing mit meinem Garmin Edge hat ebenfalls sofort geklappt - alles wurde erkannt und das alte Kadenz-Meter konnte ebenfalls ausgemustert werden. Einziger kleiner Makel ist ein leichtes "Klappern" der Pedalen (wenn man sie zB schüttelt), welches beim eigentlichen Fahren aber soweit nicht aufgefallen ist. Der Preis ist natürlich "sportlich", aber dafür lässt sich das System erweitern und ggf wohl auch später upgraden. Und es lässt sich wie gesagt sehr leicht einbauen, ohne dass man gleich in die Werkstatt muss.

Rally™ RS100 Pedal Watt Measuring System Single-sensing for SHIMANO SPD-SL


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