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ERGON Core mountain bike saddles

Ergon MTB/E-MTB saddles

Maximum comfort and very sporty at the same time: The award-winning double-shell technology with ergonomic core stands for ultimate riding fun even off-road. All-in-one sitting comfort for many hours, awarded with the AGR seal of approval by the “Campaign for Healthier Backs” – mountain biking has never been so relaxed with SMC Core saddles. The ergonomic core absorbs impacts on the trail and filters vibrations, the saddle follows the natural pedalling movements in all three directions. The SM E-Mountain Core Prime performs particularly well on long e-MTB uphill sections with a supportive ramp at the rear and excellent traction. Forget about sitting problems!


Ergon SMC Core Men

For the best in men

In men, high pressure on the sensitive perineal area leads to numbness, among other things. With MRI and CT analyses, many prototypes and feedback from test riders, Ergon has tailored the SMC Core Men precisely to the needs of men on the bike. The special, anatomically adapted saddle construction and the relief opening protect exactly where it is important – and at the same time help to optimise the transfer of leg power to the pedals. Men, what more could you want!?

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Ergon SMC Core Women

By women for women

The Ergon developers have completely redesigned the women's saddle. Even on a mountain bike, the female pelvis, which is much more mobile, tilts further forwards than the male pelvis. This often causes unpleasant pressure on the genitals. The Ergon SMC Core Women follows the female anatomy and is precisely designed to direct this pressure onto the sit bones. The ergonomic core also supports natural pedalling movements, absorbs shocks and filters vibrations. More MTB fun is not possible!

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SM E-Mountain Core Prime Men

Climbing to the top with comfort

E-mountain bikers will enjoy every trail with this saddle: The unique Ergon CORE 3D® saddle technology combines the best comfort and optimum power transmission. Long climbs? Just stay seated while the rear ramp gives you stability. Feeling numb? Forget about it, the male problem areas are perfectly relieved. Back problems? No problem, three quality seals certify the back-friendly effect. That's our anti-sitting pain formula – and your guarantee of riding fun on the e-MTB.

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SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women

Women's e-power for everyone

More comfort, optimum power transmission: With the unique Ergon CORE 3D® saddle technology, female e-mountain bikers experience more riding fun than ever off-road. Long climbs? Just stay seated, the ramp at the rear ensures stability. Numbness? No way, the genital area is perfectly relieved. Back pain? No problem, three quality seals certify the back-friendly effect. Without a doubt: Our anti-sitting pain formula makes this saddle a women's favourite on the e-MTB.

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