Tested to be back-friendly

ERGON Core City / Touring Saddles

ERGON Core City / Touring Saddles

The best saddle is the one you can't feel. Whether in the city or on tour – the SC Core Prime stands for cycling pleasure with exceptional sitting comfort. Vibrations and shocks? The ergonomic saddle core simply absorbs them! Back problems? This saddle is good for your back. This is confirmed by the AGR seal of approval from the “Campaign for Healthier Backs“.  Perineal and genital discomfort? Forget about it thanks to gender-specific relief channels. This makes cycling really fun!


Ergon SC Core Prime Men

Problem solver for men

There is no more comfortable way to be on the move. Ergon has particularly focused on men’s main problem when cycling – and permanently eliminated it. Unpleasant numbness in the perineal area are prevented thanks to a relief channel that is precisely adapted to the male pelvic anatomy on the ERGON SC Core Prime Men. The ergonomic core prevents all other sitting problems that could spoil even short trips or the commute to work.

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Ergon SC Core Prime Women

Guaranteed comfort for women

This saddle takes the pressure off women. It can quickly become uncomfortable, especially in the genital area, even on shorter rides, if you can feel every turn of the pedals in the wrong places. That's why ERGON has adapted the SC Core Prime Women to the female pelvis: A precisely calculated relief channel prevents discomfort and numbness in the critical sitting zone. By the way: Women don't have to worry about their backs either: The ergonomic core is the built-in guarantee to feel good.

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