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ERGON Core Touring saddles

Ergon Touring saddles

With the ST Core Evo, Ergon presents bicycle ergonomics in its most effective, elegant form, perfectly designed for demanding touring and travelling cyclists. Thanks to the double seat shell with the cushioning ergonomic core, saddle-sore is no longer an issue even on very long journeys – nothing pinches, the back is protected, every bump in the road, every vibration is cushioned, every pedalling and pelvic movement is ideally supported. The next cycling adventure can come!

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ERGON ST Core Evo Men

The men's saddle without excuses

Men are not generally considered to be particularly capable of multitasking. The ERGON ST Core Evo Men should therefore quickly become their best friend. With this saddle, nothing distracts you from cycling, no matter how many hours in the saddle: The man's sensitive problem areas remain unaffected by the sitting pressure, and other twinges are also prevented reliably. Ergon knows what men need – here is the right saddle for long-distance riders. However: Now there are no more excuses ifthingsdon't go so well on the bike...

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Ergon ST Core Evo Women

Optimised for the female sitting area

It is fun and stress-free, low-maintenance and up for any adventure: There is hardly a more ideal cycling partner for women than the ERGON ST Core Evo Women. The relief channel specially developed for the female anatomy prevents the typical discomfort in the genital area, while the extremely sensitive ergonomic core prevents everything else that could be uncomfortable for female cyclists, especially on long tours. Without a doubt: This tested back-friendly saddle is a women's saviour!

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