The formula against sitting pain


ERGON CORE 3D® technology

ERGON revolutionises the basic principle of the bike saddle with CORE 3D® technology: A movable ergonomic core acts as a 3D damper between two saddle shells. The advantages: The saddle can follow the natural movements of the pelvis in all directions, sit bones and genitals are relieved, shocks and vibrations are reduced. 

The formula against sitting pain


The floating ergonomic saddle core

Less uncomfortable sitting pressure, fewer numbness problems, less back pain: Comfort-oriented cyclists experience a completely new ride feel with the ERGON CORE 3D®. The floating, 3D-moving saddle core made of thousands of highly elastic Infinergy® particles dynamically relieves the pelvic bones, dampens and cushions with every pedal stroke and isolates the shocks of road bumps – in combination with the double seat shell and the orthopaedic padding foam on the even seat surface, the result is an enormous gain in comfort.

Why does ERGON develop saddles for women and men?

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Ergon Bild female anatomy jpg
Ergon Bild male anatomy jpg

Anatomically optimised for ideal pressure relief

Women and men differ considerably, especially in the sitting area. This means: Women feel pressure discomfort and numbness in different places than men due to the different shape of their pelvis on the saddle. ERGON has therefore carried out intensive studies and countless prototypes to optimise the seat surfaces for each gender – the result is two different, ergonomically precisely adapted saddle shapes and relief zones. Each model is also available in two sizes so that the individual sit bone distance can also be taken into account for maximum riding comfort.

FAQ about Ergon saddles / technology

How do I determine the right saddle size?
You can determine the right saddle size by measuring the distance between your sit bones. This can be done either in a local ROSE store or via the Ergon Saddle Selector:
How (and where) can I determine my sit bone distance?
You can have your sit bone distance determined at your local ROSE store. Alternatively, you can also use the saddle selection tool, the Ergon Saddle Selector:
What is the difference between the saddles in the Touring and City/Touring series? Which one is right for you?
The ST Core Evo (Touring) is recommended for a more upright, slightly sporty upper body tilt and for classic (e-)touring/hybrid bikes. The wider SC Core Prime was developed for a very upright riding position due to a high and possibly bent handlebar on (e-)city, Dutch and low step-in bikes.

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